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by lirikh
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Hey my plan is to build a local mobile list with SMS marketing and offer coupons. However, there's one slight problem. My list has... 0 optins... well because I haven't officially started it.

My question would be how would I provide coupons if I have no list to promote to, thus have no incentive to offer to businesses for them to offer me their coupons.

Should I just take coupons off the net?

There would be the suggestion to approach the business beforehand and have them advertise my list for me. However, I already have my ways of marketing (classified ads, flyers, viral) and wish to market throughout my city, so approaching one business for one coupon is not enough.

The missing part in the equation is how to get the coupons.

Any input?

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    You would get more ideas if you said what niche you would like to build your list around.

    Once you have a niche in mind then start off offering a $100, $250 or $500 worth of free whatever your niche is. You would be the one funding your initial coupon in order to build your list.

    Once you have built your list, then you can approach businesses within that niche and charge them to blast a coupon to your list.

    The coupon would then be whatever your client wants the offer to be.
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    I don't necessarily have a niche per se. I was thinking of targeting the central area of my town. For example, my domain name is downtown[city].mobi and I can say my main audience would be students, so I guess my niche can be anything from restaurants to retail stores.

    I don't think it's strategic for me to offer coupons from my own pocket... maybe a contest, but my campaign is built around coupons and I want to concentrate on that and not mix any contests for now.

    If I start offering 100$ of free stuff, how would I accomplish to transfer those coupons? Buy gift cards and send them by mail? It would be costly to setup my own system of coupons since I won't be affiliated with any businesses in the first place, and if I was then it would defeat the whole purpose of this strategy for I could ask the businesses for free coupons, but this is out of the question since my list isn't built yet. Catching my drift?

    Sending one coupon a day from my own wallet can become very costly and troublesome. But this idea has potential, just need some developing. I'll give it some more thoughts.

    I was thinking of searching good deals on the net, but I doubt there are great deals I can offer to my list that I can find on the net, what do you think?
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      I've been kicking around this idea for a while myself. But my thought is to choose a launch date for the first coupon to be sent out. Say two months from today.

      Then promote this launch date via Facebook, posting flyers, and maybe even putting flyers on pizza boxes.

      After one month I would hope to have at least 1000 people on my list. Now during the second month, I would start promoting the SMS blast service to local businesses....especially the ones who handed out the flyers. Maybe give them a discount on their first SMS blast or something.

      So first build you list.....even if you're not sending any coupons during the build time.

      I would also create separate lists for separate niches. One list for restaurants, one for retail, etc. I was speaking to a local coffee shop owner about this idea just to get her opinion. She said she would definitely want the list to be targeted to her industry.

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