Where To Buy Mobile Traffic In Bulk ????

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Where can i buy mobile traffic ? i have looked everywhere, im not looking to buy banner space so much , but just real mobile traffic to my unmobile site
if anyone can help me out i would greatly appreciate it
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    why are you interested in buying traffic?? Don't you think fake traffic will only increase traffic for short period and it will only give visits but not conversions and it can also increase bounce rate of the website.
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    try admob.
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    just type in mobile ad networks in google and you can find a lot of them..
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    That's such a great question, Fraser. Personally, I wouldn't recommend it. But I'd love to hear your reasons for wanting it first. The best way to attract more business and more sales is to really take it down to that one-on-one level. It takes a little longer to be personable but I promise you, you'll have more results and faster results than trying to reach everyone with a blast. Seth Godin had a great blog about starting with 10 people and testing your product or service on them first. Then if that works, try it on 10 more and 10 more, etc. Here's a link to that post he made: It's called the first 10 -- Seth's Blog: First, ten

    That'll work faster and more effectively than blast 4 million people at once and praying you get a hit. Just some thoughts that might help you, Fraser.
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      I have come to the same realisation that it is essential to build your business one customer at a time.

      I know it doesn't sound very exciting because I thought exactly the same. But make a start know now and one customer at a time you'll make it happen

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  • There are several sources, i will suggest Mobadge - listed certified on the BuyTrafficGudie.com

    Good luck

    Virtual Web Market

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    A better option to let users know about your business website and products is to ensure that you get up rankings in the search engine results. One of the best way to do this is to have quality back links. I have found a great business products and service directory to help business owners quickly and easily find what they need to either start, manage or grow their businesses.
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