Integrating jQuery mobile into your mobile website

by lirikh
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Hey, so I'm at the phase where I want to include advanced features to my mobile websites.

One thing I would like to include are the collapsible blocks, so I researched and found jQuery mobile.

However, when I added the collapsible data role, the whole CSS of my page changes. Is there any way to integrate jQuery mobile without altering the current CSS properties?

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    when you call the js and the jqm style sheet on your page it is going to overwrite your stock stylesheet.

    but the jquery mobile features will only be called when you call them.

    I build my whole site inside JQM to be honest so I have not tried to implement it on just certain features.

    however I can add an inline stylesheet to the pages header after the JQM calls and those styles work, not ideal but might be a hack for you.

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