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What are your thoughts on HTML5 and mobile site design? HTML5 has really come on strong in the last couple months and we are curious how many people/companies are adopting their mobile platforms to account for this change.
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    HTML5 is great but it is still a draft and I am waiting for it to become a recommendation before I fully adopt its features in my mobile designs. But I like the new features it brings and I hope that the HTML Working Group makes it a recommendation soon.
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    I agree with, Nail Yener. I have been following up on mobile site design of late. And yes, HTML5 apparently needs some more time before it becomes a standard. HTML5 is very interesting. I think it just needs some more time.
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        While there are some kinks to be worked out, early indicators have been showing that it is most likely going to become the new standard.

        Steve Jobs predicted that a while back and the indicators are strong enough that Adobe announced back in November that they will no longer be developing Flash for Mobile because they also feel HTML 5 will become the new standard.
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    HTML5 will be the new standard, and i think it will be faster then everybody predicted... Like Hypetex says there are some problems that nee to be resolved but when that happens it will go very fast
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    HTML5 provides mobile device users richer web applications and improved usability. It provide the security for our applications.
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  • Ok, so from a marketing perspective, one nice thing about native apps is that you can send push notifications at essentially no cost to all who have downloaded your app. If HTML5 becomes the norm, then do we go to SMS for marketing or will mobile email make a surge as more people get smartphones??

    I think HTML5 is cool, I'm just a little bummed because I like push notifications.
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      Great discussion. We believe HTML5 will become standard for mobile. Most browsers support HTML5 and if not, they will soon.
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    Great discussion so far - but can anyone give a quick overview of how HTML5 is different from HTML or php.. I don't know what it is! Guess I'm still in the dark parts of the tunnel.
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  • Does anyone have or know of good training sites for HTML5?

    I have looked through a few - wondering what others may be using, and training pre-requisites...

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    There is no much bid difference between HTMl and HTML5. HTMl has 4 or 5 more important rules if any one apply in html so that html coding base website will be much useful for all browsers and can open easy on mobile browsing. In HTML5, main tags and attributes has opening tag & a closing tag must.

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    One of the big advantages with HTML5 is the Responsive web design. This allows pages to resize to any screen size available automatically. HTML5 will be the new standard, just a matter of time.
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      Originally Posted by chrisjenva View Post

      One of the big advantages with HTML5 is the Responsive web design. This allows pages to resize to any screen size available automatically. HTML5 will be the new standard, just a matter of time.
      But responsive web design isn't that great as many of us would agree, right?
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        Originally Posted by Kiril S View Post

        But responsive web design isn't that great as many of us would agree, right?
        correct - responsive design looks good on the outside but typically its not truly optimized for mobile in regards to performance and being lightweight.

        whilst it can re-arrange the layout of your site many objects that are not mobile friendly will typically get hidden out of view, whilst hidden they still get loaded into the body of the site which means it still has to get downloaded which hinders speed depending on your visitors network connection, typically large images will get scaled instead of being physically optimized by being resized and compressed for mobile.

        a responsive design will never validate or have the same performance and delivery rate as a mobile optimized site if its anything more than a basic design.

        if your serious about mobile you optimize for mobile - if this explanation isnt good enough for you to reconsider responsive design think about the recent updates to google mobile and their search bots... the google mobile bot does not transfer any information about screensize yet it does transmit user agent information which cant get detected by responsive design alone. Google didn't create these new mobile bots for giggles - whilst only valid mobile sites seem to have any baring on google search for non smart phones, i am sure its only a matter of time before the benefit of valid mobile optimized web sites specifically built for smart phones will become more apparent and possibly start impacting on mobile search results.

        if your going to the effort of making a responsive design for mobile you may as well take the few extra steps and just make a mobile optimized site that will actually get detected by google mobile and possibly get ranked accordingly. In additon to that developing a properly optimized mobile site will make your site accessible by the broadest range of mobile devices...

        @bappa06 i have to disagree the small list that James listed i would say indicates a significant difference in itself and that just the beginning...

        @chrisjenva - from my understanding of responsive design i would say its more based around CSS3 and media queries

        For me i cant wait for HTML5 to be completely supported by all major browsers for desktop and mobile devices it will certainly make life as a developer much simpler.

        Regardless though if your developing for both a large and small format display, careful consideration has to be put into the end user experience and how easily that person can access the information on whatever browser they are using.

        just sayin' lol


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          So is it because of the way CSS3 handles it that responsive websites cannot be mobile optimized?
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