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I met with a potentially big client who is looking to get his restaurants website displayed on the iphone so people can view it.

He is so eager to get it fixed as soon as possible he was willing to offer me $300 on the spot to fix it right there and then. I told him I wasn't sure how to do it right there but would look into it for him. "If you get it to display I'll write you a check for $1,000."

His website has a few flash elements but from what I've heard the iPhone doesn't support Flash which may mean having to code his website and replace those Flash elements with basic HTML... I'm not quite sure.

Anyone have experience with this?
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    The iPhone does not do Flash so you would have to remake those parts of the mobile site. Frankly, mobile sites tend to look drastically different than the desktop site. The owner should definitely not want his regular site squeezed onto a phone. Very wrong approach and waste of time and money as most will just leave. The importance of various parts of the website also changes when you change the platforms. On mobile, people quite often are looking for location and phone number. The phone number should be designed as Click-To-Call so that the viewer only needs to press a button to call instead of trying to memorize the number and dial it. Take a look at large national companies sites with your phone and look at their mobile site. You will see that they look nothing like the desktop site. There is also a thread in this forum that shows sample sites. You should get lots of great ideas there.
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    For a great example of what Doug is talking about go to on your PC and on your phone.

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      Thanks for the replies and advice.

      Looks like I might need to back away from this one as it's more involved than I thought, still don't have experience building mobile websites and outsourcing this would be a bit of a risk. Let's hope he's open to my other services.
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    Why not just build a separate HTML version of his site. You can make it look like the current site but it will be HTML/CSS. I'm currently doing that for a client that has a 100% flash site. I sent him a screenshot of his site on my iPhone and basically landed the job the next day.
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    You simply create a separate mobile optimized version of the website that uses no flash. You don't need to touch his current website. Although at some stage I would recommend people using flash start to get away from it now because it is slowing getting fazed out.
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    JavaScript is great for animations. It runs pretty easily with HTML, and is viewable on any device. Depending on how complex the animations are this should be a great option. You can check out premade animation scripts throughout the Internet. Try a search for Pre made JavaScript. There will be a ton of free options to choose from.

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