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On Pc sites its easy to automatically bookmark a site, theres often an icon inviting such action (or there used to be) so im wondering on mobile sites is it possible to have such a simple way of adding the businesses name ,industry and phones numbers to the users contact list just with the click of an icon?

Ie Joe Smith Plumber and the mobile user on the mobile site is invited to save these details to their own mobile phone contact list via a one click icon button and it will be automatically listed then under the name Smith and also under Plumber rather than relying on the mobile user to do it manually

Would this be a simple script (ideally relevant to all phones) or is it something thats available already
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    To quote Yoda, "Seek answer you do here is."

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    HI Steve

    Looking at the link, its not what Im asking but thanks anyway , Im not looking to have to use a QR code or anything once the user is on a mobile site , I want it to be exactly like the 'bookmark this page' option works on a PC site but this would save the name and numbers to the mobile phone contact list (and ideally the site to the bookmarks too) with one tap of an icon


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    I believe there is code to do this for Apple devices os when you arrive at a mobile site, a little popup comes up at the bottom asking if you would like to add an icon for that website to the home screen. But obviously these sorts of things won't work across all devices.

    As far as I know there is no way to do this the way you want it. Probably the best way to do it, as it would work across all phones, would be to have some text saying "Click here to add me to your phonebook" and the link is just a click to call link since it then brings up the phone number on the persons phone and they can then easily just click to add it to their contacts.
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