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Can someone recommend some good WSO's for getting into the "sell mobile websites biz"? I need something that doesn't require me to have a lot of technical know how as far as building the sites. I want to be able to have some demo sites loaded on my smartphone that I can carry into a restaurant, show, then sell, then actually be able to deliver their site to them without a lot of stress. Any and all help is appreciated!
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    I recommend the one from Willr View Profile: WillR
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      I would look at "Instant Offline Avalance" It is newbie friendly and does not require much technical skill.
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      Another vote for WillR here.

      Quentin is also a very good option.

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      I recommend the one from Willr View Profile: WillR
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    I sell mobile websites every day so you can use my course if that;s what you want to do.

    In my sig under mobile business blueprint

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    I purchased WillR's WSO and am very happy with it. From reading the forum Quentin also has an excellent product. Both men offer a level of support that can't be beat. You can get an education in marketing just from reading all the free advice they give.

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