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So every now and then we like to share with you some of the various customers that contact us to build them mobile websites and use QR Codes.

We get these every day however some stand out and one that caught my interest this week was a couple of shopping centers.

So off I went to do some research and surprisingly I could find very few who had a mobile listing all their shops and facilities in a mobile format.

How I would tend to do this is create a listing of every shop in a particular shopping center and offer it to the center management with a system where they could charge each of their tenants for a specific page and possible promotion including QR Codes, specials or coupons.

We just closed our first shopping center with 130 specialty shops and 5 majors.

Charge the management say $50 to $100 per page per store per year and then ongoing promotions for each store.

We use wordpress to create the mobile website with vertical menu so we can break up the different areas and provide the general info about the center for free.

Discuss it as there are hundreds of different options here.

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    As always, great post. Really gets the creative juices flowing.


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    Great post Quentin.

    An upsell to a mobile app might be a good idea. Since they already have mobile pages, you can offer them a further way to engage with their customers by offering a mobile app that includes coupons on every X amount of visits. You might wanna check out and possibly use that to create an app for either the shopping center or some of the stores in it. Let me know how it goes!

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      This is an excellent idea and right on time for me! I've been trying to think of ways to approach several malls in my area that are working hard to keep their doors open.

      Would you be willing to disclose more details as to how you did this? Heck, I'd be willing to pay you for a step by step plan as to how you set this up! Wouldn't be any competition for you since I'm in the US!

      I'm already doing mobile websites and text message marketing and will be getting into mobile apps soon. I have the tools...just need to figure out how to get in the door and what kind of proposal to make.

      I can't pm yet but you can pm me or I can give you my email address if you're willing to help me with this.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

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    Quentin at it again! Shopping malls and plazas could be a huge potential if the proper system/s were put together.
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    I am with Lynda on this. Would love some more info. What a fabulous idea. Please do share more.
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    Great idea. Even we ll get in mobile stores which are called as mobile market like univercell in INDIA.
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    Wow that is lucrative!

    One shopping mall and your income is set!
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    Very interested in this one. We have tons of shopping malls where I live and I've thought of going door to door within the mall but didn't think of just going directly to the management with the offer.

    Are you only provided mobile websites for each store?
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    I've already talked to a local Management company that runs a smaller mall in my area. They are open to the idea but I still need to educate them on the concept. They said they want to provide more value to their retail clients as its very competitive in this space.

    Other malls are luring their clients with better incentives once their leases come up. They are willing to absorb any fee's I may charge and not charge their clients as a value add to resign their leases with them.
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    Having now done a lot more research I am amazed at how little Shopping Center management promotes their clients and more so how few have anything mobile.

    This is a great opportunity for ongoing revenue and a way to get additional mobile website for individual stores.

    Having been a shopping center manager I know that they have a certain spend every month for their clients so if you can put together a good proposal for them you will get a lot of work.

    Remember to mix with QR Codes and even offer internal coupon promotions.

    Just some thoughts.

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      Hi Quentin,

      You'll see I'm now on the Gold Coast, just down the road.

      I was just thinking of having to make 130 mobile sites for a big shopping centre - heck of a lot of work, liaising with individual stores, each wanting a different format for their mobile site etc.

      Is this a problem, or do you use a "one size fits all" approach?

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    We have developed a product called iLaunch (Location Based Advertising and Marketing - iLaunch) that allows a shop to upload their product lists to our server and then are available to iphone/android users within a 5km range. The icon for the shop only displays within this distance range. Contact me if you want to know more. In 2 weeks we will have version 2 live that will also ensure that the uploaded products appear on google mobile search results as well as within our apps. We have started to look at shopping centres as potential target customers. Contact me if you want further info.

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    google maps are getting more into inside floor plan maps, including malls. Wonder if you can build value interacting w/ the google map places for all the stores. I think they use spotty gps, and wifi tech to locate positions indoors, but it would really take more of an RFID type system in the mall for accurate location info. Malls usually aren't that big or complicated to not know where you are, just a map of the stores on mobile should be plenty enough.

    However, RFID or bluetooth would allow for proximity marketing if the consumer opted in for that. "Hey Joe, 50% off Men's Express shirts for you today!".

    A general map/listing of stores for mobile is helpful just to replace the physical mall directory as they are usually not near me when i need them.

    Good thing is all the individual stores will have incentive to promote the mall app download to their customers, so you'd have multiple 'sales people' promoting your app for you.

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    My offline business have recently closed a shopping street so this may be useful for you.

    We approached a couple of stores on the street for mobile sites and were given the main contact for the street. We set up a business meeting to discuss what they were looking for as their site was currently not mobile.

    We ended up building 1 app for the whole street where all small business owners could opt in for a mobile site with CMS where they could promote thier individual offers.

    We also offered a push notification service for all the individual businesses for 2 messages per month

    We ended up getting 20 of the 100 small businesses signed up for sites initially and have 10 more to do at the end of the year.

    They are very happy with the service

    We also provided a marketing kit for all the businesses involved with posters, flyers, stickers for the window, qr codes and a training session on how to promote.

    We are not approaching some other shopping streets and areas to see if we can sell the same packages again.
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    We supply proximity marketing to shopping malls and know how little they promote, but never thought of a mobile site! Excellent idea Quentin.

    We offer mobile optimized websites at

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    Hi Fitmarketer,

    Yes it is available from anywhere as it is hosted.

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    I like the co-op advertising part of it, approaching mall tenants or group of businesses on a street to work together. A few going for it and seeing results will persuade the others to join in.

    In a moment of decision the best thing you can do is the right thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing. ~ Theodore Roosevelt

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