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I have a customer that owns a mailing store (in the USA),, you know they do copies, faxes, UPS, fedex and mailboxes for rent. I trade services for mailbox rental and other related office supplies.

One day I walked in to drop off some UPS packages and they notified me that they had sold the place and would introduce me to the new owners as they needed my services also.

The previous owners called me one day and wanted to introduce me to the new owners, I live in California and not to surprising to me the new owners were Hispanic and fluently bi lingual. We sat down and had a great chat about what I do and the services I provide and how I have done business with the store on a barter system, well they agreed to keep everything the same,,, except their mobile site,, they wanted a English version and a Spanish version,, I promptly said that I had no problem building the site but I knew very little Spanish and that they more than likely would not like a Google translated site.... I asked them if they would properly write the copy I would build it,,, bingo,, within in a day they wrote the copy and now they have 2 mobile sites,, 1 in English and 1 in Spanish,, when the site is accessed it comes to a landing page with two action buttons, one in English and one in Spanish.. Then The Light Bulb Went Off..

I thought I would go to some of my existing customers to see if they would like a Spanish version of their site also for a up charge ( I do a monthly hosting thing) and the answer was overwhelming yes... Most of my existing customers want the additional consumer dollars but really had no idea how to get it so I gave them a way... I charge $59.00 per month for their regular site and up charge another $25.00 per month for their Spanish version,, with no objections at all,, so now we have 2 QR codes leading to the respective languages of their sites.. I will soon roll out SMS services in both languages also...

Now not knowing Spanish I found myself in a small pinch,,and the question was how am I going to make these sites?? I went back to the new owners of the mailing center and asked if they would be willing to write the pages and if I gave them the verbiage for $5.00 per page,, they agreed and off to the races we go..

The moral is that I picked up another $300 per year per site with a tremendous add value to my customers...
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    muy bueno!
    I do voice over work... here's a SAMPLE
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    Cool, that thought had not even dawned on me to offer SMS in both English and Spanish. I live in San Antonio and its predominantly bi-lingual here. I'm willing to bet that offering it in both languages would not be something everyone else is doing.

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