Yeez Mobile - anyone using them?

by KaylaB
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I am wondering if anyone here is using Yeez mobile and is happy with them.

I signed up as a Yeez private label reseller, but I am thinking of leaving, for several reasons.

Recently I signed up with Avid and like their platform a lot better. I am thinking of ditching Yeez and only offering a short code via Avid, but I have a new client who wants to go with a long code, so I am not sure what to do. Unfortunately I convinced him of the benefits long codes, and he likes the fact that he can own the number, which is very important to him.

So, my dilemma is do I:
1. Ditch Yeez entirely and only go with a short code.
2. Stay with Yeez and offer both long and short codes. (This client wants to use both).
3. Switch to another long code provider.

I would love to know if anyone if having good results using Yeez or any other long code service.


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    I don't know anything about Yeez in all my research I haven't come across them but a popular long code provider being used right now is I like their Call to Join feature. They don't have many features like Avid. I personally have been thinking about signing up with Avid because of all the cool features they have but right now I'm staying with Twilio. Check them out and see what you think. I noticed your in Canada so I'm not sure if Twilio works in Canada.
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    Thanks - yes Twilio is in Canada now. Just in the last couple of months.

    I might go that route. My son is a programmer and said he can build a platform for me. Hasn't yet though!

    Are you using any third party software to run Twilio?

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    • Kayla I would say keep it as long as the CLIENT is happy. If he wants both, (for whatever reason) give him both. Although I think that's a big mistake in 'Branding" but who knows. I like Avid & Lime the best so just do what you gotta do,'s war out there!
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    Went out of business. I was a reseller. As I write, I am looking for an SMS reseller program with long codes.

    LasVegasWeather.Org is FOR SALE ! Buy it or help me sell it for a commission.

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