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hey guys,

I want to start in mobile marketing. Therefore i am looking for some Info about that topic:

My questions are:
What are the typical buisness models created through Mobile?
What are some good infos/ebooks/wsos about Mobile marketing?

I appreaciate your answer!
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    You may want to check out THE LOCAL COACH -- he's a great guy and has an awesome program for learning about mobile marketing! The Local Coach - The Local Coach - Training for Local Marketers and Mobile Marketing Consultants. I'm not an affiliate at this time -- just sharing a great resource!
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    It really depends what your strengths and weaknesses are. Are you good with face to face sales? If so, it opens up a whole new bunch of possibilities for you.

    Mobile websites, sms, apps... all of these fall under the banner of mobile marketing.

    Then there is the other side which is using mobile ads to sell your own (or affiliate) products and services.
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    best way is to run affiliate offers on mobile like weightloss, personal finance, etc...
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    I am not sure about your first question ,
    but for your second answer WF is the best place for you.
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    i think mobile apps business is more profitable.because with the passing of time the rate of smart phone users are increasing and for fulfil their requirement lot of new apps is coming everyday.
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      i found WillR's mobile sessions as good starting point.. he is very detailed
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    you can get much banifit from affiliate by using this
    4Sale - IncomeScheme.com | eAdverts.com |
    MediAdverts.com | Medicals.info
    Got a video gaming site - Grab an Online Battle Script
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    Well, when it comes to mobile marketing areas, you can think of creating, selling and downloading apps, music and ring tones.
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    If you get some html skills and know Photoshop, Mobile Website Design can be an easy way to make money.

    You can charge easily 500 to 1500$ to design a mobile Website that will be done on less than 2 hours.
    Once you start to have to much customers, you can outsourcing the job and just take take care of the marketing part of the business.

    If you want to make quick money Website design is one of the easier way and you will always get a lot of contracts.

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    Yellow Pages Scraper software an easy to use Yellow pages scraper software
    Yelp Data Scraper software, extract data from yelp website.
    Management-Ware Extract Anywhere, Website data extractor software, create your scraper to extract data from almost any website. Door to door CRM software.

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    If you can't able to face to face sales, you should start Mobile marketing. Downloads/Apps, Games, Ring Tones, and Music are some huge mobile money making areas. If you are trying to start the thing like that then i think you are a goner. i think mobile apps business is more profitable.On the other hand you advertise to sell your own products and services.
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    The main opportunity in mobile marketing is running ads in your app/mobile website. Pick up proper network, choose your measurement (CPM, CPC, CPA or CPL) and start making money. Check this: Top Mobile Advertising Companies Well-written article for newbies, sure it will clear a lot of things for you.
    My friends that have moved to mobile marketing recently work with Airpush, Admob and Epom market. You can check these networks as well. Hope I help.
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    If anyone is looking for CPA/CPI mobile campaigns, PM me with your email. I can help you out.

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    Greetings MrMagic!

    In response to your quesitons...

    1.What are the typical buisness models created through Mobile?

    This one really depends on your situation and your goals. Do you have capital that you can invest into running paid traffic? Are you willing to work the "Local" approach and try to provide services for small businesses in your area? Finally, are you tech savvy and interested in learning how to develop APPs, or are you interested in networking and then can create joint-ventures with other people who make apps and help drive traffic to it with mobile phones?

    All of those are legitimate business models with mobile.

    You ever hear the phrase "A rising sea lifts all ships?"

    This industry is BOOMING and it is just getting started.

    As long as you take action and are keeping up with the rate of change of technology, you are golden no matter what.

    BUT YOU MUST TAKE ACTION in order to succeed in the mobile arena and start getting clients NOW before the competition gets too intense.

    We are still in the relatively early stages of Mobile Marketing and those who establish a legit presence now will be much better off than those coming into a field where most competitors already have their systems established and clients loyally retained.

    I would highly encourage you to look into the local marketing for small businesses, they really need the help and many of them are willing to pay to have someone help them utilize technology.

    You just gotta go make the calls and the visits and work the numbers!

    2. What are some good infos/ebooks/wsos about Mobile marketing?

    When is comes to mobile marketing, I can honestly say I think I have read nearly all of them. Depending on your goals and resources I would say the TOP 2 resources would be

    1. Local Mobile Fusion - if you want the local business route.

    2. Mobile Monopoly 2.0 - Mind blowing education about mobile marketing landscape that will forever change the way you think about driving traffic. This also makes a great add-on training to the first one if you can afford both.

    Hope that helps... please let me know if you have any other questions!

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    Really depends on what your current skills are and how you can capitalize on them in the mobile market. We are talking about a multi-billion dollar sector here, so you can afford to specialize as much as you like.

    Have a look around WF mobile and get your bearings as to what's available realistically for you to perhaps look at.

    Good luck!
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