Creating a New Mobile Application

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What's the best way to create a mobile application?
Outsource, DIY?
Simple application for Motivational Journal & Fitness training. Any ideas would be most helpful.
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    Hey dear try HTML 5 platform for developing your mobile applications, it provides all the tools you will require for making a nice app.

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    It depends on your programming skill-set. If you can program in C then Objective C is what you should be looking at.
    If you are a proficient web programmer - ie good with jQuery Mobile, then check out PhoneGap. Otherwise, outsource it to a commercial programmer.
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    Outsourcing your software development is a good way to spare your time and efforts.
    If you find a high-professional, skilled and reliable development team, you will surely gain from outsourcing. I`d recommend to outsource to Eastern Europe, for example Ukraine and Poland. You may check Odesk and eLance, search on forums and social networks. Pay attention to their portfolio and references. If we can assist you in developing your application, feel free to contact me.
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    Hi heatherruhe,

    If you are trying to make simple applications you can try some of the DIY solutions available on the net. (for example the one in my signature ).
    However if your ideas are more complex, you have to discuss this further with a professional developer. I can help you with this too, feel free to pm me.
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    If you are good at HTML5,CSS3, JS, Jquery , I highly recommend PhoneGAP platform.

    It will give you output for all the OS.

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    Outsourcing can be beneficial if you are not knowledgeable enough with mobile apps making. In that way, you can save time.
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    First of all I would like to ask you whether you have any experience or knowledge of creating mobile applications. If you do and have the confidence that you can carry out the entire project of creating your very own mobile app, then I would recommend that you go ahead with it. However, I would also like to bring to your attention that this may take time, since you may not have done the same thing much earlier in your life.

    On the other hand, if you do not have the slightest idea of creating mobile app, then better outsource it to a professional. Simply tell the person the type of mobile app you are looking at and what all features you wish to include in the app. If the charges of the professional fits your budget then better go ahead. This way, you can save time and also get the type of mobile app you wanted.

    Hope my suggestions will help you with your decision.
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    Are you trying to access the native device api's (camera, contacts, gps)?. You can actually get away with HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript to build an app that uses the PhoneGap wrapper to give your HTML5, CSS3, and JS the ability to access the device camera, address book, etc.

    If you don't need the device functions like the camera, etc. Then you could just build a web app. 90% of the apps on the App store can be built with standard web technology.

    Ever wonder why the Safari browser on iOS is so powerful. Steve and the crew made sure to make it be as solid as a desktop browser. It was only because of MAC developers complaining that they couldn't build stuff on top of the iPhone because there was no SDK.

    Apple initally set it up so that web apps would reign supreme. Remember Flashgate between Adobe and Apple over Flash being on the iPhone? Adobe wanted a way on the iPhone and Apple wouldn't let them with that crappy Flash and Adobe for the longest hel out on adopting HTML5 as a standard. Well I guess we know how that turned out.
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    I could do the app for you at a cheap rate. If interested send me your requirements.
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    Hi there
    I can make an app for you in iPhone and android in reasonable rates. Let me know. I am available in Skype and email. Regards

    Thanks & Regards,
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