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I could go into a long story, but I feel that it would be best saved for later where it may benefit someone. All hopes will be that I could someday be the mentor and teacher for those that are in my position right now.

I own, from what I believe, an extremely brand-able mobile dot com domain. I've spent countless hours scouring the web for some type of framework to build this domain on. A logical step would be a white label app reseller. There seems to be several out there with pros and cons of each, with even more pricing structures. Needless to say this just leads me to more confusion and inaction. At the same I can't help but wonder if there is even something better, new, different in this vertical mobile niche.

I am absolutely fascinated with advertising and what makes people tick and take action. I see extremely high dollar corporate campaigns that are horrid. Some to the point that they may be pushing people away. I see some small companies with limited budgets pull off genius plans that just lack the scope and reach. I must ad that this is only opinion, since I don't have any documented schooling on the subject I am just another guy with an opinion.

To be totally generic I have to ask where is mobile going? What will it look like next year...2 years...5 years down the road? Is mobile app / website reselling going away? Is it already a saturated market?

What should this domain become? If you had the same opportunity, what would you do, or have done differently?

Many thanks in advance.
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    Mobile is definitely where it's at - PC and laptop sales are declining, as people replace them with smartphones and tablets.

    However traditional advertising on mobile devices doesn't work as well, since you have less screen space to work with (it's harder to put unobtrusive ads on smaller screens). So companies have switched to other approaches like app and in-app purchases to get revenue from.

    The space is still relatively new, certainly far from being saturated, and will keep growing for the next few years. Newer technologies like NFC, QR codes, voice communication (such as Siri) and greater location sensing capabilities will add to what phones and their apps can do in the near future.
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      I happen to be working for a company that specializes in mobile monetization. You are more than welcome to PM me - let's discuss this in private.
      Daniel from MATOMY.
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    Trends push toward mobile commerce...

    Canada's Mobile App Jobs Portal

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    If you are having so many questions about Mobile, then - I think the best for you might be this you want the most. Mobile marketing is a great potential for the next 4-5 years.
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