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by umc
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The answer seems obvious to me, but my question is this:

Can I use the same phone number and a unique keyword for each customer, all on that same phone number?

For instance, can I have people sign up by sending "Pizza Hut" to my number and have people sign up by sending "Papa Johns " to the same number?

I assume that's the very reason for having keywords, but just wonder if there's a possible issue that I'm overlooking, maybe even some sort of problem handling the requests if too many people signed up at once and somehow messed up the system. Just wanting to make sure before spending money printing things with the same number and different keywords.
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    Since you're talking about phone numbers, I assume you're using a system with long codes and Twilio?

    You could certainly have multiple keywords whether using long or short codes, but one advantage to long codes is it's much easier to find keywords that aren't already spoken for.

    As far as too many people signing up at once, I don't think you'd have any issues, but a lot depends on who you're using to process everything and their capabilities. I know Twilio can only send so many messages in so many seconds, but I don't know of any limits on signups.


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    Thanks for the reply, Steve. Yep, I'm talking long codes and Twilio. So then, if I'm using a number will other people be using the same number too, thus the possibility of running into keywords that are already used? If the number was mine exclusively, it seems like I'd have access to any keywords imaginable, as there would be a clean slate with that number.

    In other words, if the keyword "Pizza" is used on someone else's number, I can still use it, can't I? (because it would be attached to my number, not the other person's)
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    Anytime - you've pretty much got it there. With a number through Twilio that's YOUR number and you could use any keyword you want with that. I did try them for a while and there are advantages to long codes, but even with short codes...sure you probably won't grab keywords like "pizza", but I think you could easily add a business name or town to that find workable names for your client without too much trouble.

    Good luck!
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