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by kalyn
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Hello, I just submitted an app to Apple to be approved though iTunes Connect and the next morning I had three emails in my inbox that all said the following thing:

Your iOS Distribution certificate has been revoked.

Dear Me,

You have revoked your certificate, so it is no longer valid.

Certificate: iOS Distribution
Team Name: Me

Any provisioning profiles that include this certificate are no longer valid and must be regenerated for future use.

Best regards,

Apple Developer Program Support

Is this a problem? The contractor I hired to make the app said this is normal but thinks were kind of weird with this contractor so I don't 100% trust him.

Has anyone received something like this before and does anyone know what it means?

My app is currently "Waiting for review".

Thanks in advance for any help.
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    It's normal when a third party is submitting an app under your developer account...I get those messages all the time.

    If the app is waiting for review, the next email you'll get is the app is under review then uploading to app store and ready for sale..(that is if it gets approved)
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      Awesome, thank you so much.
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        Agree, it's no big deal. I revoke my own certificates and start over all the time. The first time I saw this when I outsourced apps years ago, it freaked me out too. Now that I build my own apps, I see its just one part of the process.

        I hope your app does well!!

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