U.S. Smartphone ownership reaches critical mass

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The time has arrived and it's great news for all mobile marketing consultants.

If any of your prospects or clients have any doubts about the importance of embracing mobile marketing, show them this link:

Smartphone ownership reaches critical mass in the U.S. | Mobile - CNET News

Hope this helps.
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    my 70 something parents are tech phobes with still the 12:00 blinking light on electronics but they are interested in trying a galaxy note2 after I got one for myself, sister, and niece. You know smartphones are hitting critical mass!

    I might get them one to try. The note2 has a simple home screen setting with fewer, larger buttons to push/read. Whats great is the big screen that seniors can read much easier. Plus a physical home button they can push if they get lost on the phone software navigation.

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