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Is there a simple app builder that I can use to create 5 sections:

Dashboard, Tasks, Directory, Tips, Planner

To be used on iphones (IOS) and Samsung Galaxy (Android) os

Can anyone recommend any app builder??
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    Not sure about these online 'app' builders because I dont use them.
    The layout you want can be done in HTML5 anyway so thats no problem.

    The difficult part will be what content you want in each section.
    What does the dashboard contain? and the other sections?
    Without knowing this its hard to say what would be the best way to proceed.
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    What exactly u are looking in the wedding planner?
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    Hi there If you want to build a app yourself then you need also to be registered as a developer with apple and google. There is a small fee for each platform when registering. Also IOS which is apple are very strict on apps that are submitted to their platform you will need to have at least 9 different tab features for this type of app. If you are an wedding event planning type of business then your app most likely won't get approved by apple as they do not necessarily like these types of apps on their platform as people have no use for the app once they are married. Apple want people to have a reason to keep the app on their phone. On the other hand depending on what you are looking for i may be able to help build the app for you. What features and capabilities are you actually looking for? Check out my website Jaymartmedia Apps Ltd - Main
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