Mobile Conversion: the Big Challenge Nobody is Talking About

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Blogs are facing a huge challenge and yet, nobody is really addressing it over even recognizing it.

Whatever could I mean?...

Background (OMG: MOBILE)

I run a blog in the dating / self-help niche which uses a standard info product + membership upsell business model. Good content >> subscribers >> real fans >>>> - sell them ebook, audiobooks, etc.

Months ago I was checking my stats: 120,000 total monthly visits with 45,000 from mobile devices.

I hadn't been monitoring traffic by device so it was a bit of a shocker that 37.5% of blog visits were coming from mobile devices. I'm not talking about tablet + smartphone; I'm talking about only smartphone visitors.

Tablet is different from desktop for sure, but the screen is not so little like Smartphone.


I'm a "conversion guy", I like good web design but the bottom line for me is Conversion:
  • how many visits?
  • how many subscribers to the email list?
  • how many sales?
  • total revenue?
Focusing on numbers that matter here...

How is this possible?

So I did some research on the but I found only common sense advice and contrasting numbers. Some reports say mobile users convert better, while others disagree.

Above all, it seems to me that SEOs aren't fully understanding the value of mobile, this despite the fact that mobile users are growing rapidly.

I'm planning a series of Spli Tests but I feel like I'm walking in the dark: I know everything about Blog conversion optimization best practices for desktop visitors. But the literature about mobile conversion is almost zero.

Even considering building a blog to cover CRO for mobile... I feel like it's an important but underestimated niche.

Mobile Conversion Issues

Here are some issue examples, some challenges that need attention:
  • Long Sales Page: some niche require long sales letter in order to inform the visitors and sell them. But on mobile nobody want's to read 2,000 words (let alone 20,000). Maybe they do... idk until I test.
  • Video: video sales letter or video squeeze page. Do they convert better on mobile?

In the meantime: do you guys have any ideas? Do you have hypotheses that you would like me to test? I am available to try and test some and report back here.

If you have a blog, how many visits are from smartphones?

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