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I have been doing mobile affiliate marketing for a few months and now I would like to track my CPA campaigns.
I have signed up to a tracking service, but I am completely lost. I have no idea what postback urls are and how they are used.
Where do you put the postback url? On the traffic source website or the ad network?
How do you know what codes and sub ids to add?
Is there a dummies guide I could use to get started.
I searched on line and all tutiorals are very technical, I need something will learn me from scratch.
Thanks for your help
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    Postback URL's are used for various things, depends of site. If its download site, postback URL can be used to notify and update your database when visitor fills CPA offer and then grant access to file download.

    In your case, postback URL is used to update your tracking software for new leads and other data.

    There should be page where you can enter postback URL's at CPA network. Mayby your affiliate manager can help you if you cant find it.

    If your doing paid advertising, sub ids is great way to track what ad creative converts best.
    Example: You got 1 CPA offer and 5 ad creatives in facebook, you enter each creative own url with different sub id. If any of those converts you will see what ad creative converted by looking sub id.

    Hope this helps.
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    Great.. Thanks for the info guys

    Am I right in saying that the postback url will go on the CPA network, and the direct link will go on the paid traffic source as provided by CPA Network. or do i need to change anything on the url going onto the traffic website.

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