Is this form of payment possible?

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Hey guys, we're working on an app with 2 sides to it:
1. buyers
2. sellers

What I'd like to happen is the buyer comes in. Sees something they like. Click the "buy" button and the iphone's in app purchase "thingie" buys it with 1 click.

A % of the funds go into the seller's account. And a % goes into our account.

And then either, WE pay the seller every 2 weeks (somehow) OR even better, the funds are sent to the seller in real-time when the transaction is made.

Do you guys know if this is possible?

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    Is possible, but the IAP is managed by iTunes first, and then it pays you after taking the 30% mandatory fee in all your IAP. It may seem like a lot, but it can be compensated by the convenience the user enjoys when doing everything on his iPhone. When doing apps with IAP feature on Android, you can get a hundred percent use of the funds you get through your Android app.
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