Any software for bulk sms?

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are there any software for bulk sms?
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    smscaster, its a pretty good software for bulk sms, connect your mobile and send sms to a big list
    I use use nokia e series, working perfectly fine with it.

    Lowest Possible Price Servers-

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    So you can send message to anybody with a cell phone? Is that legal?
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  • No it is not legal to send to anyone with a cell phone, in accordance with TCPA, your contacts must have opted in for you to solicit to them.

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    There are many sms providers are giving software for sending bulk sms and you may get this kind of sms provider from online. But I do not think it is good idea for sending sms many people’s mobile without any purpose. If you want use bulk sms for business purpose I think it will be good for marketing your business through sms market service provider like
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    Hi Steven,

    beside this mentioned sms provide you can take a look at imtalc and cs networks. I'm not sure regarding software, but you can send messages via website too.
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    I use smscaster and I love it ! high recommend
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    Bulk SMS Sender 4.0
    MagicSMS Lite 3.1
    attenzoSMS 3.2.2
    Bulk SMS Personal Edition 1.0
    SMS XL 1.5
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    Here are some Free Bulk SMS Sending Software:

    1. Bulk SMS Sender.
    Bulk SMS Sender 4.0 is professionally programmed utility software, which makes Free Bulk SMS sending easy.

    2. Bulk SMS XL
    If you were looking for software you can use for Free Bulk SMS Sending from Microsoft Excel, this would be the best option to go for. Using Bulk SMS XL 4.5 is easy.

    MagicSMS Lite
    One of the software, which help rule SMS communication market. The greatest feature about this product is its nature to support both mobile and internet messaging.
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    You should see legal aspect before buying bulk sms in your country too, there is fix message templates which you can use to send bulk messages, Many countries have strict laws regarding bulk sms marketing now
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    (First post in the Warrior forums, my hands are shaking!)

    Steven - Just bouncing on the legal topic. Before doing any sort of mobile message marketing you'll have to have your followers (or subscribers) actively request your messages. If not, it will be considered spam.

    For SMS it's fairly easy. If you have a form on your website you can request their phone number and have them tick a box that says they're happy to get your SMS.

    For mobile messaging through messaging apps (facebook Messenger, WeChat, line, etc.) your subscribers will have to subscribe to your messaging campaigns by sending you a keyword. THey have to actively request to get your messages, you can't be the first one to send a message.

    Hope that helps!
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    Definitely read into the TCPA Telephone Consumer Protection Act before you start doing mass sms text messaging to people. This is important that you understand the current law and you're compliant otherwise you would not only be spamming people with unwanted text messages but you're potentially opening yourself up to legal troubles as well.

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    I like smscaster.. its really a good software
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    I like SMSala because of its reliability.
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    Here is some professionally programmed utility software, which makes Free Bulk SMS sending easy.
    1. Bulk SMS Sender 4.0
    2. MagicSMS Lite 3.1
    3. Bulk SMS XL 4.5
    4. AttenzoSMS 3.2.2
    5. SMS XL 1.5
    7. Bulk SMS Personal Edition 1.0

    Hope this help you
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  • nexmo,, mysmsmantra ,smsstream You can try any one of these..
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    I can suggest you to try out atomic sms sender. It was the cheapest one among others that I've used.
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    Hi, sms without permission from non-subscribers can be reported as scam. Suggest you use email marketing after getting a list of optin subscribers then build the relationship and trust before you pitch.
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