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I'm rather curious as to whether any female warriors have experienced any sexism within their line of work? Before starting in internet marketing, I ran a wholesale business for quite a long time, and I can hand on heart say that 3/10 new male clients (no offence to the guys on here!) were rather abrupt and I was often hit with questions like "so what's it like being a woman trying to run a business?" etc and even some trying to hit on me! I understand online role playing games (the line of work I was in) is a predominantly male industry, however I don't understand the mindset of some people who seem to think because of this, that women are not capable of doing this just as well as a man.
In my honest opinion, when you put your mind to doing something to your maximum capability, and make a success out of it, whether you are male or female makes no deffierence whatsoever.
Any opinions or experience with this?
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    Wait... wait... I think I feel an urge coming on...

    Naw... I guess not, the furnace just came on... but twenty years ago... but, I guess there wasn't an internet then.
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    SP - A lot of guys get hit on too. It's not just us. As far as the questions - easy answer "same thing it's like to be a guy in the industry except you don't have to put up with idiotic questions half as much".

    When you are being discriminated against when all someone has to go by is your writing, you might find you have subordinating language structures or feminized word usage. Neutralize your linguistic habits and a lot of that will stop.

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    No, not at all, and in fact I am given far more credit than I deserve, just due to the men I have cultivated professional relationships with. I am often a little amazed at the number of offers I get (business offers, ahem) just based on what I am already doing. (aw heck I guess it has always been somewhat about who you know).

    Something else that is a surprise is that playing 'hardball' earns respect in this environment, whereas in the corporate world that is a sure way to be politically ostracized, especially when female.

    You do have to 'command' respect. You can still be soft and feminine without being a 'femme fatale' or 'horny housewife' to get attention from men, and I don't know anyone that likes women that try too hard to compete with men. Just be natural and keep your chin up. (offensive but not defensive)

    ... and I don't even have to pretend to be stupid so as not to scare men away anymore!

    It's all good.
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    in your niche you will run into a lot of that. Just a warning, in most of the niches I am in, I don't see it at all.

    I had a friend who was a pro gamer, and i know what gaming kids generally act like.
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    HeySal: I know this can be just as much of a problem for men in the industry, so would be interested also to hear any male opinions with this problem? :-)
    Patrician: I'm quite a strong natured person, and used to people treating me differently in the business world at first before they see my work, so I've got used to the ways in which to deal with it myself and haven't yet experienced any of this in Internet Marketing, and certainly none on the forum!
    Slin: I'm out of the gaming line of work now (for the time being anyway) but I'm sure I can use the things I've learned to help me out in other aspects of my work! Thanks for the advice though :-)
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      Originally Posted by Gasen View Post

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      Originally Posted by Gasen View Post

      Hi gorgeous

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    Honestly this issue comes up when your in a position of leadership.

    When your just a regular Joe (or Jane) in a regular job it doesn't matter what sex you are. It is not until you elevate above the masses that sexism comes into play. I am sure you understand this but it is still worth mentioning. Men get it as much as women do, typically the gender roles applied to things like business. But if you think about the men who are involved in traditional women roles... they are either labeled as gay or just weird.

    So it goes around equally in all parts. Once again though not many notice you until you are in a higher position than they are. At that point it doesn't matter if your male or female, everyone sucks up!

    You were in the Game niche before... yea i worked as a tester for a while, and it is interesting...I've played a lot of games and it is just a new experience when women join in. Lots of women chastise their husbands or boyfriends for playing games so when men see a woman involved in same thing... its like a very curious part of us wants to know why! In fact that is what makes humans so interesting.

    So don't feel excluded, or "picked out" for being a woman. Understand that as your status elevates... people WANT to be around you. I say just embrace it and move on. if someone is a jerk then tell em... to go... you know..

    Just my two cents.

    Matthew Chiapetta
    Great spirits often encounter violent opposition from mediocre minds. -Albert Einstein

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    Lots of guys get hit on too ??? Wow now I feel left out !

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      To me it was always - smart, or not smart enough. Or the testicular
      fortitude. That's were the real bias came in.
      When you demand respect, there is no other option.
      It was clearly evident, when I was trained by a woman who
      could sell a Kirby to Mr Clean
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