What happened to my pagerank?

by Nathan Hangen 5 replies
I had a pagerank of 3 on my blog (see link below) and it was there for several months. Recently, the pagerank disappeared to unknown for no reason that I can think of. My site is still indexed and does well in the search engines, but for some reason my rank has vanished.

Any ideas?
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    So far as I can tell there is little rhyme or reason to the "DISPLAYED" page rank nowadays. The fact is Google will do everything short of an assasination to protect their algorithms. I believe that a random approach to the PR they show is just one such tactic.

    Time and time again whilst researching a niche I come accross sites near the top of the listings with Zero or even greyed out PR. Below them there's sites with good PR!

    The same applies to backlinks. Just don't believe that Google is prepared to tell you which links it takes into account when evaluating sites.

    I have a site that's full of original content, has been going since 2001, has 1600+ backlinks (per Yahoo) and has a PR of 2. This site is at #11 for my main keyphrase.

    The site at #1 has 65 backlinks and a PR of 3.

    The site immediately above me has 2800 backlinks and the PR is greyed out. So don't believe this indicates a site that's "banned", if it was, it wouldn't be in the listings.

    On page three at #34 there's a site with 65,000 backlinks and a PR of 4.

    One stumbling block to elucidation is that we tend to look at certain keywords. It could be that the PR 4 site is #1 for other terms.

    You could go nuts trying to figure it out and some claim to have done so. They will pass on this "Knowledge" for a fee.

    Just ask yourself this. If you had the key to Fort Knox would you sell copies for $27 each?

    My advice is carry on building up links, adding good content and publishing articles. Unless you do something daft, you should be OK. Only worry if you start to slip in the listings.


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    What's your site's url? Maybe after knowing that we could help.
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      Originally Posted by rohit.arora View Post

      What's your site's url? Maybe after knowing that we could help.
      It is the one in my sig.

      Thanks for the comment, I think you are right...ranking matter more than anything. At first I was worried I was banned, but like you said it doesn't seem to be the case. Could just be an error of some sort.
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    They are probabily just updating your site.

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      I wouldn't worry about your PR too much.

      Suggest traffic to your blog is more important than PR.


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