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Hello everybody,

really need the skills of the Warriors.

I have the opportunity to develop the business of an Italian green mobility start up based in Milan.

- 200 e-bikes (good quality, with gps and smart lock, all city bike no mountain bike)
- bike sharing app (works with gps and smart lock)
- 50k cash

The initial biz model idea of the founders was to provide the e-bike for free to hotels and campings in some turistic areas of Italy. The company would have earned only from the rentals of their guests, made aoutonomously via app. This model did not work too well. A lot of rentals in some hotels, not nearly enough in others. Moreover, the turistic season in Italy is now over. (In the winter, turistic facilities usually close, with the exception of hotels in the mountains, that only need mountain bike, that we don't have).

Now, the idea is to offer the e-bikes (maintenance and assistance included) to companies that would like to give them to their employees for an active/green commute. The monthly rental fee could be around 75-60 euro/month.

We need to understand mainly:
- target
- channel

I have never organized a campaign like this. The bikes are 200, so they are not that many, but the service is very peculiar, I don't think it will be that easy to find interested companies.

I'm thinking to buy a database of companies in specific areas, but in what sector?

In order to reach them, we can:
- cold-call
- mail campaign, but I have no experience and have no idea on how we should proceed
- other?

I'd like to ask you for:
1 your impressions
2 targeting
3 Is it a good idea to try to send an email campaign? If it is, can you give me suggestions on how to proceed?
4 Other ways to reach the companies/anything else seems relevant to you?

Really trying to make this green business work but as you might have imagined I am a beginner as a business dev.

Thank you so much.
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    I moved this to the offline section. As background, this is a link to your thread from 2021 which contains related content:

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    There was an abundance of really good advice (and good questions) in the previous thread. Please read through that as well - unlikely people will post the same thing twice here.

    Good to hear you are still on track with this business.
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