Best programming language for API bot?

by ArielT
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I would like to know which would be the best programming language for a bot that would have the task of buying domains using the domain registrar API trying many times per second

There is competence for this so I should be fast

I think something simple could work because is for personal use, so I could insert the domain manually in the code to make it more simple

I'm only familiar with web design code but not with programming code
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    I heard about two languages (1) Python (2) PHP. These two languages are most familiar for an API Bot.

    Here I want to suggest If you are not familiar with coding then you need to consult with the expert API bot builder.
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    Python is used mostly for its simplicity. I think it is the best programming language for API bot.
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  • Hello
    In my opinion, Python is the best programming language for API bot handling. It has a straightforward syntax and it's object-oriented. It is also one of the most widely used programming languages in the field of Artificial Intelligence.AIl chatbots are easy to write in Python.
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    Whatever is easiest for you. Probably python. Performance won't be a factor since you'll probably get rated limited by the registrar so just use whatever is easiest.
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    Usually, Python is used. Pretty much the best set of already existing API libraries to use.

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    +1 for Python even though I don't really use it. PHP is NOT an ideal language for this sort of thing, even though I have used it for stranger things...

    Python has a very useful library called Scrapy which is great for writing bots and things like that. There's BeautifulSoup as well which is more focused on interacting with HTML/XML content. They ought to help with writing an application like this.

    Having said all that a member of my family works at a company that buys up car license plates in a very similar way, and their bots are written in C# which is obviously more than powerful enough for this sort of application - in other words, use whatever you find easiest .

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    Thank you guys for your replies

    So it seems that Pyhton or C#

    Anyways if someone else wants to give advice too is welcome
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    I am coding on Delphi XE )
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    Python is the most loved of chatbot developers worldwide. Apart from python clojure is also being widely used
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    Yes for Python. Don't try anything else.
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  • Agree, Python is your best bet. Both AI, Neural networks and API is where you won't go wrong with it.
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    As per my opinion, Python and Ruby are the most powerful and high-level programming language that can really make your job of building Chatbot effortless and easy.
    Both are versatile language with very simple, clean and precise syntax and are very good for beginners.
    Both offer a robust range of quality libraries for all your Chatbot features.
    Natural language processing (NLP) toolkit, which is a key element of intelligent chatbots is written by Python.
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    Python and PHP are the programming languages which are mostly used in developing the API bots
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    Something really efficient and hardest to make will be Assembler. But I believe domain registrar will ban your bot by ip address very quickly. Especially if your bot will send multiple requests per second.
    Next language by performance and easiness of implementation will be C. In it you'll get trade off performance and way to make it work.
    Third will go C++ . Be performance it will be very equal or even equal to C.
    Fourth would be C# and Java.
    Fifth will be python, javascript, php.

    Besides language of programming I'd suggest you to consider proximity of your computer to physical location of registrant server. In case if registrant server is in Germany, and your server located in Canada, then language is not important. In that case my java script located in Germany will beat your script written in assembler located in Canada due to latency.
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    Best Programming language for that is Python.Python provides the better structure and it also supports large program. The standard libraries available in Python makes programming very easier.
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