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I hope someone out there can help. I am using Front Page to design my website but have run into a problem. In order to build a data base I need Microsoft Access...We'll the price is out-of -sight. I went to Open Office and they have a date base just called "BASE". It converts Access to Base but I need to know if Base will work like access in Front Page. Someone out there must have had this problem before.

Please Help.
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    No.. No..

    Forget about silly little databases like Access or OpenOffice's base thingy.

    Use a real database for a website!

    Use mySQL, if FREE (depending on licencening) and works very well..

    Some of the biggest websites in the world run use it, and it works a treat..

    Rmember, HTML cannot talk to a database!
    You will need a script language such as PHP, ASP etc, that runs on your website to connect your website to the database.

    The script collects data from the database and then reformats into a HTML format and then (depening on how the website is setup) inserts it into your web pages..

    Thats the basics of it..

    So if you want to use a databse on your site, it may be time to start learning some basic PHP or ASP (my preference is PHP ) and then you can do basically anything you want to..

    Take care and I hope this helps

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    First.. Stop using frontpage and star use Dreamweaver. It will be much much easier for you.
    ANd bruce is right MYSQL rulessssss.
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    Frontpage? Now there's a blast from the past!

    Listen to Bruce, move into the 21st century and use MySQL and PHP. It will be a lot easier to find hosting than it would be for a design that uses Frontpage extensions, and MySQL is a proper multi-user database.

    You'll also be developing a skill set that you can use in the future.

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