How to install a page using FTP?

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Hello guys,

My question might be sound so dumb but I am not a coder really so I realize I need a huge help here. I wish to install a script I've created into a webpage of my site using FTP and unfortunately, I don't know how to do it. I already have the log in information, the file path, database host name, online manager and the access info to it. What I only be needing this time is the exact step step way on how to make the script appear into the webpage I've already created.

Please help me :confused:

Thank you so much!
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    Your not very clear on what you need? First, I am in no way any expert at all.... But, Maybe this will help you to get started. With PHP you have to program what you want to do in your Database, functions.php or other folder or file. Then you "call" what you want done from the page. PHP already has functions and codes built into it. Use a FTP program to edit the page your working on and then upload it via ftp.

    Example: My header is styled and programmed in php now if I want it to show up on a page or some where I put this code <?php get_header(); ?>
    If I want my search box to be somewhere I put this code in the location I want it to appear: <?php get_search_form( $echo ); ?>

    The Form is located actually already coded and programed on searchform.php the above code makes it show up on your page that's what they mean by a call.

    Hope this helps
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    I'm also not exactly sure what you mean here...

    But when you upload a page all you have to do is navigate to the page like: IANA &mdash; Example domains

    If you want to put that script into a page you already have then just paste it into that page..

    Maybe if you explained a bit more I could be of more assistance.

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    What these guys are trying to say is that you are shooting in the dark with an unloaded gun and expecting to hit a moving target.

    First of all, there are millions of scripts across the internet. When I build mine, I don't use standard naming procedures (ijustwanttosleeppleaseworkthistime.php anyone?) and I'm pretty sure I'm in the majority on this one.

    Second, though I could make some assumptions (since you already have a webpage built) about your knowledge, the fact that you don't actually specify that you know or don't know how to actually use an FTP program could make this entire process much longer.

    Third, when you say 'webpage I already created' do you realize the scope of what you didn't say? Is this a simple, single page html webpage, or a 120GB database driven, 4000+ templated, multi-tiered, uncommented and compressed CMS system? Because not knowing what your script is, how its written, what its functions and calls are, or at least having the readme.txt, there is no way to know how it may or may not fit into the webcrawled-behemoth that you may or may not have. And all of that is assuming that you realize the FTP process is just transferring the files, and has nothing to do with building, designing, and producing code and/or script integration with preexisting websites.

    But, all that being said, Coding is Fun! As kokopelli pointed out, Google will help you with everything, as long as you localize your searches and use a little critical thinking.

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    Download any free ftp client from download dot com, enter your site credentials, select files from your local drive and select the destination directory on your hosting which is normally public_html and click upload button.

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