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Unread 6th Sep 2011, 11:06 AM   #1
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Need Backlinks ? SEO Personal - DO NOT MISS.
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Publish your article on privately owned high page rank blog network !

I recently have been working on my new network, it is a network of high page rank blogs that I own and maintain personally. This is to insure that no bad neighborhood content will be allowed since I use the network for my own personal websites I personally manage and maintain the network.

This offer is limited to 50 members.

The Network:
Made of 50 high page rank bought domains pr3 to pr4 nothing below.
Hosted on 50 ip hosting.
50 different modified and SEO optimized themes.
Domains are mainly .com / .org / .net
We moderate the network and keep it very clean.

Once you subscribe to the network you will be able to submit 5 articles and comments to the network every day(material's body and title must be spun). You will be able to include up to 3 links in each article and 2 links in each comment you make on the posts.

Each post you've made will be published on 3-10 blogs randomly across the entire network. Your post will not be published on the same blog unless you've already posted to all 50 blogs.

That means that even if you’re very unlucky you'll get 15 high page rank posts every day which sums up to 450 high page rank posts a month in the worse possible case scenario.

You will also notice shortly after, that your article/comment/ link has been cached / indexed by Google. I cannot guarantee time period because its varies and might go up and down however on several of the test blogs we made we had a post indexed within 17-28 minutes.

A combination of clean and highly maintained networks, different IPs and high page rank domains are really a great source of backlinks to point to your website.

Network's Limitation:
1.You are allowed to submit 5 posts a day.
2. You are allowed to submit 5 comments a day.
3. No bad neighborhood content of any kind.

Network's capabilities:
- Drip feed your articles in a timely manner; you can choose how many article/comments will get published at whatever period of time you chose.
- Make a comment to a specific post or to the network.
- Post, edit and delete an article or a comment after they are published (not a lot of networks allows this feature).
- Use nested or normal spun content.
- View and export a search query of your title.

I could go on writing like other do and create a huge page that would take hours to read however I chose to keep it short, simple and to the point. Let the results speak for themselves.

Here is what some members thing of the network.

Originally Posted by FredJones View Post

I got lucky to have been able to sign up at $50. In fact, I got into this network in the pre-launch phase - 2 days before it got released. So I have had the luck to test it out before it got opened up.

The network seems to be awesome. Sudeshna (my partner) and I have made around 15 posts now. In fact, I have been the first member to post on this network (the post#1 belongs to my ID), so in a way I am the "oldest active member" of this network.

What promoted me to sign up? As many of you know, I have already invested into a NUMBER of networks, so why did I go for this new one?

There are a number of business reasons that I am putting my Dollars into this.

A private blog network limited to just 47 people and PR all at least 3 is incredible. If you have done your market research even to the slightest extent, you would know the true price of such a network. You may think of Build My Rank (BMR) and the likes, but have you considered (a) the number of members these networks have (way above 47), (b) the high number of PR 1/2 blogs (I personally didn't check that this network is PR 3+ but I would take Yaniv's claim for it) and (c) the "post efficiency" on these networks (the number of places your post goes to)?

This one is a winner in every sense. The number of members is limited. The lowest PR is 3 as of now. And your post will go to at least 3 but could go up to 10 sites. My posts have gone to 129 places so far, and that is 15 posts - thus so far I am averaging 8.6 distributions per post. That's awesome.

I do know a network and an umbrella network (rebranded network using the same underlying network) that is publicly available and has number of seats limited to 50. But you know what? They have 400+ sites on 100 IPs (4 sites per IP) as opposed to 1 site per IP here. And the number of PR blogs there is around 100 (I don't belong to this network but that's what the numbers are, as per the claims of members of this network). And the price of this competition? The least is $250 per month, the standard is $450 and the high-end one is $950 for this competition network. What's better? 50 bucks for 50 completely IP-diverse high-PR sites or 450 bucks for 100-odd PR sites with 1:4 IP diversity?

See how wonderfully Yaniv's network is priced as of now? He's created a potential winner here.

And did I say, the quickest indexing so far has happened in around 5 minutes after posting? That's unbelievable.

I hope you see what made me simply jump onto this network. If you are in your senses then go for it while the prices are this low. Deals like this are rare to come by, and grab your golden chance while you have it, you may not ever have it again.
Originally Posted by razeli

few days ago i joined high page rank network i didn't had time to write an article the same day i joined but the day after or maybe the day after that i did, i wrote 2 articles, spun them and submitted them to the network.
about 30 minutes later the articles seemed like they are published when i checked their status so i clicked the links and they forwarded me to google where to my amazement some of the post were already indexed.
i thinks having a post indexed within 30 minutes is incredibly fast, today after a little test i saw 6 spots jump in rank for 1 of the keywords i used.
so far it was worth every penny.
Originally Posted by JohnNe

How did you manage to achieve 5 minutes indexing time ?
this is fastest indexing time i have seen so far.
You did a good job the blogs looks nice. i will get back to you if i see any movement in serp.
your network really looks nice.

Joining now will grant you the ability to continue paying the same price even as our price grow higher.

Next 8 Buyers would pay $50. - Now Offering
The 15 buyers after would pay $75. - closed.
The 10 buyers after would pay $100. - closed.
The 10 buyers after would pay $125. - closed.

Please keep in mind i am not looking for people who is going to post bad neighborhood material to my network.

Best Regards.
Yaniv Kalfa.

- Don't have anything to write Yet. -
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Unread 11th Sep 2011, 06:14 AM   #2
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Re: Need Backlinks ? SEO Personal - DO NOT MISS.
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Does this work for gaming/gambling sites?

Poker Software
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Life is GOOD! :)
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