Where Do You Get Your SSL Certs From?

by trentonlaura 12 replies
I'm going through the process of adding SSL certification to a few of my higher profile websites for the SEO and security/visitor peace of mind boons.

I use HostGator for many of my sites, but it sounds like it can get pretty pricey pretty quickly.

I bought a single certificate from NameCheap and want to add it to one of my HostGator sites but they want $10 just to install it. Is there a way around this that anyone knows of? And in general how do you handle SSL (if you do at all)?
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    Cloudflare has a free ssl that might work for you. check them out here
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      I'm giving them a try with one of my domains, thank you.
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    SSL certificate installing is being done by hosting provider and Hostgator is taking $10 fee for single domain ssl certificate and $25 for multi-domain ssl certificate.

    But it is providing free ssl installation for Managed Dedicated Servers. Your hosting package is either shared or reseller that's why you can't able to install ssl certificate at your own.

    Because as per Hostgator third party ssl guidelines, VPS or Dedicated Server users may install certificates on their own.
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      Thank you for the clarification on HostGator, that was helpful.

      I see where they mention $25 for up to 5 domains on a multi-domain ssl certification on that "How do I..." page, but I can't see where to find that in my HostGator customer portal/cpanel, I only see the option for one offs for $10.

      Not your problem though, lol, thank you again.
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    It is given by your hosting provider from where you bought your domain. You have to pay them extra for that then they will give you
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      The only problem with that is that I use HostGator as my primary host and they charge over $30 per domain. It seems as if it would be cheaper to buy from another provider then pay HostGator's one off $10 per domain fee to import from another SSL provider.
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    I'm always using the easiest way - getting the certificate from your web hosting provider.
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    Go to https://letsencrypt.org/ and get free SSL certs to add to your sites at HG. There are plenty of hosts out there now that have this integrated into their control panels and offer the LEC certs for free. Unless you need wildcard, extended validation, etc, there's not much point in spending money on basic SSL certs anymore.
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      Places like HostGator and GoDaddy charge for SSL Certificates.

      One of the few, if only, hosting companies that offer Free and Unlimited SSL Certificates is WPX Hosting. You don't have to pay anything for SSLs with them and they're Google-sponsored. You can install as many as you like on your sites.

      Too many hosts these days charging for stuff that is actually free.
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      Yes as mrswagset said, most of the bigger hosts charge for SSL just because they can. Only smaller hosts (which I unfortunately don't use with any of my sites are compatible with LE.
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    A website that is SSL certified would ensure that all online transactions are safe and that the details entered by end users are kept encrypted. Get an SSL certificate from a trusted certificate provider in order to secure your domain. I always get it from Instant SSL.
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    Probably the most important part of an SSL certificate is where it comes from. SSL certificates are issued by Certificate Authorities (CAs), organisations that are trusted to verify the identity and legitimacy of any entity requesting a certificate.

    The CA’s role is to accept certificate applications, authenticate applications, issue certificates, and maintain status information on certificates issued.

    You may also be able to purchase digital certificates from a domain name registrar or website hosting provider.
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