Can anybody help me out in SEO for Car Insurance Lead Generation website??

by Dorisbrown 16 replies
My website name is (car insurance)
it generates car insurance leads from the target region that is Canada. Currently my keywords are ranking in top 10 but there search volume is very low.

My objectives for the above website are mention below:-
  • Gain traffic from Canada
  • Generating Leads
  • Improve the keywords Ranking

Do anybody have proven successful SEO strategy for this? I would be thankfully If anybody can help me out in achieving my goals.
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    If you wanna increase traffic from Canada and wants to generate leads then use high search volume keywords. It will not rank initially but after continues efforts, you can make it happen.
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      Thanks Brand, do you have any proven strategy for such niche??
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    work on local sites of Canada.
    Do GMB listing
    Social media can help you to drive traffic.
    Target specific age group and audience on social media.
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    How big of a budget do you have?
    SEO, AdWords Management, Social Media Marketing,
    Geo-Fencing, and more. Get a FREE Quote.
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    You can use social media to drive traffic to your site but first, you must target specific group and audience on social media. If possible, work on local sites.

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    What do ya bet "she" never comes back to answer?
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    Research your keywords! You cant just rank for any old keyword and expect to get traffic. Look at volume, trends, and intent when picking your keywords. Make sure that your on-site is optimized. Content marketing, social traffic, backlinking strategy, guest posting, etc., are all needed to rank for your keyword. Look at your competition and what they are ranking for. Look at their backlinks. It is not just a set it and forget it thing in most cases. Again, all depends on your competition.
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  • Do a competitor analysis before you strategize your Keywords. Check on competitor keywords and their search volume and use those in your On-page and content.
    With that keywords you can do off-page optimization where you can achieve your goal in increasing the traffic and also the ranking of the keyword.
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    local classifieds sites and social sites will work for you.
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    In addition of all the previous answers, I would advise you to get a tracker (like Visiblee, Turnstile...). You get names, emails, statistics about users of your website. So after it's really easy to target your customers
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    One thing to remember is that it takes time for a website to establish authority within search engines. The best thing you can do is focus on creating great content that will be useful to your audience. You'll want to cover as many topics as you can think of around car insurance. You can also see and compare the content of competitors to help you know what type of content you should be creating. Good luck!
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    Being in the top 10 is kind of meaningless if you mean being 9 or 10. You get something like 2 or 3% of all searches. If you're starting with 1000 searches a month, that means 20 to 30 clicks... if what Google shows in results for the page from your site it pulls looks good.

    Did you go to Google's keyword planner? Did you search for your keywords for Canada? The issue might be that there are not that many searches to begin with, so you will need to be in the top 3 or maybe it means you have to be #1 to get good results.

    You might want to add pages, going for more keywords...

    You should check your copy. This is from your homepage:

    "Secure Specialist Help to Get Free Car Insurance Quotes Online Fast and Easy

    Finding the best and cheap free car insurance quote online can be challenging but that might not be the case if you have an expert to assist you during your effort. We make things much easier for buyers by enabling them to qualify for various discounts. So if you are looking to get a cheap auto insurance quotes online policy, apply online now and acquire a chance to get free auto insurance quote online.
    Let Us Help You Get free Auto Insurance Quotes Online Regardless Of Car You Drive

    At FreeCarInsuranceQuote, we may help you to get the best free online quotes for car insurance within minutes of your applying. Take advantage of our cost-free expert guidance on free auto insurance quotes online to get your car adequately covered, regardless of its type, model and size, for any eventuality.

    Stilted language crammed with keywords, poor grammar, poor punctuation, fluff. Not convincing. Write for people not search engine spiders.

    By the way, if I were looking for car insurance quotes, I'd go with an outfit that will get me stuff not one that may get me stuff.
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    Why go for Seo and use all your time if with that niche you can easily pay for CPAs and have targeted traffic?

    You can also try free classified ads on craiglist for lead generation purpose.
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      Why do people ever eat beef when pork and chicken are readily available?

      What if they don't use their time, instead pay for SEO? Will you be happy then?

      The 'easily pay' part works only if you have the money to pay. Otherwise easily pay becomes impossible to pay.

      Originally Posted by Connann View Post

      Why go for Seo and use all your time if with that niche you can easily pay for CPAs and have targeted traffic?

      You can also try free classified ads on craiglist for lead generation purpose.
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    Here are some of the things you can do since you already know your objectives:

    Research your competition and target audience
    This will help you have a better idea of how to start. What is the competition doing to generate leads?

    Content Marketing
    Educate your audience about the benefits and importance of car insurance. Do not push your products. Just nurture them.

    PPC and Facebook Ads
    With Facebook, you can target based on age, demographics and more. Experiment with it and see. With AdWords, make sure the keywords you have chosen are not too competitive.

    Local SEO
    Focus on local SEO strategies. Optimize keywords for voice search.

    Other than these, you can do email marketing campaigns, and also tie up with auto dealers.
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  • PBN along with Social Media and SEO.

    15% Main Keywords
    40-45% LSI (8-10 Types of LSI)
    Rest - Naked URLs/Branded Names
    Drip Feed
    6 Types of Anchor Texts
    Unique Content Submissions
    Quality Blog Submissions
    Edu Links Submissions
    Tier 2 Submissions
    Profile Links Submissions
    High DA/TF Blogs Submissions
    High RD Blogs Submissions
    Tier 2 Submissions of High DA Blogs
    Social Media Submissions of High DA Blogs
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