Wondering why domain is not being indexed. NEVER BEFORE

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My one domain Buy Backlinks is not indexed yet. If you google backlinkrank.com then there are massive backlinks created. I have verified through google webmaster submitted sitemap.

Yahoo and Bing have indexed the domain. I am afraid that the domain was blacklisted before i registered as it is expired domain. I have applied most of the indexing methods and never had such problem ever. I am just wondering with the issue.
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    Go to Google Webmaster Central and file a "reinclusion request." Tell them you recently purchased the domain and you think the previous owner did some blackhat stuff that got the domain banned.

    It's not 100% effective, but it is your best shot - give it a try and give 'em a couple months. (Make sure your website isn't up to any shenanigans or they'll deny your request and never even notify you)

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    When you bought the domain had you been aware it was blacklisted and also how can you find out if a domain has been blacklisted as i bought a dropped domain recently and i am having the same trouble but i dont think mine is,but it would be nice to double check.

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    You can try to force tons of domain PR 6 and above sites backlinks to your domain, usually it will work within few thousands of links.

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    @Kay King thank you very much for that link to check site but when i checked mine URL shortener its does not give a true indication one way or the other and i am a still worried that something could be wrong,i assumed that when i checked with godaddy that the domain was free so i registered it and then i found out that it was a dropped name which is not a problem in itself but does anyone think it has a problem ??? Thanks again for your help

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  • I might suggest you try writing an article that is longer than 200 words. It looks like your site doesn't have any content on it yet, but the fact that this search yields nothing usually means blacklisting:

    site:Buy Backlinks (searched in google)

    I would try to write a story, buy a couple of blog post backlinks for the story and see if you can get anything indexed. It'll be easier to try and get a blog post indexed than the homepage since the homepage has so little room for content.

    This way you'll know if the site is indeed blacklisted.
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      There was a clue in one of the responses.

      Domains don't get indexed, websites do.

      If there's nothing there, nothing to index.

      As far as blacklisted...
      This should be a word to the wise: Don't buy domains
      unless you check them out thoroughly.


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