How do I remove this url stucture from Google index?

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Hello, I have a whole bunch of urls that got indexed by google and once again I have no idea how it came to that. It is creating a duplicate content issue and I have already dropped a few ranks for a couple of keywords. The structure of these indexed urls are like this /page/9?Operation=ItemLookup&ItemId=B000H4ND12. There's about 40 like these indexed and each are just a duplicate of the page with plain url (-->page/9). Does anyone have an idea what this is about? My site is a wordpress blog.

Now I have put two disallow in my robots.txt: /page/ and /page/*. I have made a removal request in Google webmaster tools for both of these and both were granted, stating "removed" on my account. However they're still all in the index! Am I doing something wrong in the way I'm writing/abbreviating these urls? If I was to submit these urls one by one it wouldnt do me much good because more than likely Google will create new ones like this. Please help, I really need to get a hold on this problem. I mean just check this out: - Google Search

Crazy and frustrating. Thanks!
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    this may help you out: :
    Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Specify your canonical


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    btw: I recently had a similar issue, and my robots.txt was enough to fix it. I didn't have as many pages, but after a week or so it worked.


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      Thanks for the reply, Jason. The problem is not canonical however, my problem is how to get it removed. My robots.txt is set up properly. It looks like my problem is that I didnt do the specific directory removal process in Google. Here's what I found:

      1. On the Webmaster Tools home page, click the site you want.
      2. On the Dashboard, click Site configuration in the left-hand navigation.
      3. Click Crawler access, and then click Remove URL.
      4. Click New removal request.
      5. Type the URL of the directory you want removed from search results and then click Continue. How to find the right URL. Note that the URL is case-sensitive--you will need to submit the URL using exactly the same characters and the same capitalization that the site uses. If you want to remove the whole site, you can leave this blank.
      6. Click Remove directory
      7. Select the checkbox to confirm that you have completed the requirements listed in this article, and then click Submit Request.

      Remove a page or site from Google's search results - Webmaster Tools Help

      Hopefully this will work now!
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