Do you want to add value to your thriving PLR article business?

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Do you own a PLR article business?

Do you want to make more profits from your business
by offering unique article packs to your customers with
hardly any extra effort?

Read on to discover how to discover how my JV
offer will help you add extra value to your business.

My Offer
I'm interested in JVing with people whose main business offerings include PLR article packs. My offer is very simple. I propose that you use my bespoke system (ArtiFact), in conjunction with your PLR article packs. This will add HUGE value to any PLR articles, allowing you to raise your prices for those packs where my system is installed or create a brand new branch to your business. In return, I'm asking for a share in any extra profits the upgraded or new PLR article packs create. Just to be clear...I'm not asking for a share in your normal business, just in the extra sales that where my system is included in your clients download. ArtiFact is a mature system that has worked flawlessly for many years.

I'm only interested in working with the owners of established and regularly maintained*businesses.

What your clients will receive:
Once my system has been uploaded to their hosting, they can expect professionally rewritten, and unique articles on demand. There is no installation required. They simply upload and go! It's all very simple indeed. If they want a freshly rewritten,and unique article, not a problem. They just click on the rewrite link, and the whole pack is rewritten, almost instantly. There is no limit to the number of ondemand rewrites. This isn't some auto rewritten crap, this is done by humans, either in your writing team, or mine.

I invite questions.
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