Facebook is testing a large "F" button on its main Facebook app

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Facebook is currently testing a prominent "F" button on the lower-middle section of the Facebook app function bar. The feature was first shared by prominent social media expert Matt Navarra

Tapping on the "F" will take users to the Facebook main menu, which was also recently given a makeover. The F button also replaces the hamburger menu which was placed on the bottom right corner.

The new feature is rolling out to select users for both iOS and Android platforms. My Facebook app showed the new button yesterday, but reverted back to the normal function bar layout just this morning. What about you? Are you seeing the new button?
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    I like and agree.
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    Facebook is the most exhausting app ever, changing design constantly to keep users from getting bored and even when you fix your settings they will reset them.
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    I never looked and that button and I just checked right now and saw no evidence of that button.

    Will look in the next days or so.
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    Thanks for posting this as I thought I was going crazy like me accidentally hitting something for this to appear in my iOS app. When this happened to me, I hated it. It was so psychologically displeasing, I spent about 15 minutes going through settings trying to disable it. I contacted Facebook about it and asked them to revert the changes. I am not sure if that happened due to my messages but, it went away.
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