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Anik Singal Profit Academy Review and Bonus $5999
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and then get Bonus $5999 within multiple packages

Profit Academy Review

The Profit Academy is a life-changing program, 12 years in the Building, Anik Singal took the jump and dedication for making a full time living online. Anik has built a $10 million company and been featured in journals such as Business Week and Inc. 500 Magazine. He has visited the world and worked with over a million trainees turned online marketers, helping them discover how to become individually wealthy through their own online digital businesses.
In profit academy program, Anik will keep the hand of every trainee and direct them, step by step as they build their very own online digital empire. He’ll walk them through almost everything they need to know: from setting up an email list of enormous fans to creating a high quality online digital product ,, setting up a highly effective funnel that will produce 6 or even 7 figures in profit... and all from the comfort and ease of their living rooms.

What are the requirements?
Follow along. Listen closely and understand. TAKE ACTION!

The Anik’s system is amazingly simple. It is designed, not for the geek or the star salesperson, but for the typical person.
For those with a passion for a subject or a niche. And for those with the burning desire to do and be more,
Anik’s mission of Profit Academy, is to change lives. To make our students richer, pleased and satisfied.
If this is your target, too - to empower and greatly improve others - please join Profit Academy

The 6 Steps to Launching Your Business
You will learn step by step strategy for launching your internet business
  1. Determine your market niche
  2. Create profitable website within 1hour without any coding
  3. Setup the auto responder
  4. Broadcasting
  5. How to build the targeted audience
  6. Promote your products for your mail list subscribers

Done For You" Resources”
If you need faster result, you can upgrade for “Done for you” , this service will allow you to save weeks of efforts , the professionals team will done all of the resources you need for you which include
You will set and get your profits

Also profit academy offer “One to ONE coaching” packages in which expert coach will guide you step by step for avoiding common mistakes and help you to become multimillion entrepreneur

Profit academy will not only tell you how to make money online, it will also help you caring your business to grow up and be profitable

Let's see what the Anik and his team will introduce at Profit Academy

Week 1

The first week of the course is all about giving you the “overall view” of Anik’s innovative Circle of Profit system. You’ll see how new technologies have leveled the playing field of competition between the “small guys” and the “large guys.” it is possible - and simple - to generate a real 6 or even 7 figure business. And Avoiding paying a lot of money, secure permits or all the other hoops that Businesses once had to jump through and just to open their doors!

The key is to create a reliable, content-rich, online, digital and cost-effective internet marketing technique. It’s all in the Circle of Profit concept. This is a system that enables you to create a business. Each section moves in a sensible series.
The result? A flexible, maintainable, easy to improve and easier to range online business.
Start small and grow as you want.
Whether you want to create a multi-million dollar online digital empire like Anik, or simply produce a nice flow of passive income on the side, the Circle of Profit can be modified to whatever your objectives and desires may be.

In the first Week you will learn
· Anik will show you how to build highly conversion opt – in page and how to host it live
· How to attract your audience to register to you mail list
· How to make your audience engage with your mails , without the engagement what will the value of the mail list , if they haven’t open your mails and interact with them
· Learn demographic research and making customer profiles by classifying the subscribers through
  • What do they do?
  • Where do they shop
  • What do they like and not like
  • What is their locations , lifestyles and habits
  • Learn how to make thank you page and how to embed another offer within your thanks you page to double your profits
  • How to use the paid traffic to build mail list with 10.000 subscribers
  • How to write emails for your subscribers to transfer them to customers
  • How to select online products which pay extensive commissions and how you get your commission link

Week 2: Traffic

You will learn
Paid Traffic : Solo Ads
o How to buy ads through other mail lists
o How to invest buying solo ads from
o How to write catch subject title which attract the other mail
o list subscribers and encourage them to subscribe for your mail list
Paid Traffic : Facebook Ads

o Learn how to make ads through Facebook
o How target your audience
o How to get more leads with least PPC

Free Traffic : Forum

o How to get more traffic through forum posts

Free Traffic : SEO

o How to make on page SEO
o How to make off page SEO
o How to manage your site link profiles
o How to get more backlinks and improve your site authority

Free Traffic: Kindle Publishing
By the ending of this week you will have targeted mail list within 10000 subscriber

Week 3: Case Studies

It is the time for practical case studies
· Case study 1 : How Anik made 1$ million From one promotion
· Case Study 2 : How Anik Promote a webinar series
· Case study 3 : How Anik promote a planned Launches and product release

Week 4: Introduction to the product launch

You will learn

  • How to make marketing research to get your passion niche
  • How to develop your internet digital product
  • How to make your video sales letter
  • How to write your sales presentation and how to present your product for your subscribers
  • How to convince your customer that your product will solve them issue they face
  • How to setup your operational systems for paying for the product and for delivering it to the customers
  • Learn about click bank and how you can use it to promote your product through it
Week 5: Building Your 5X Funnel

You will learn
  • How to make you sales funnel that maximize your profit for 5X
  • How to get your customers in a series of offers in sequence to get the maximum profit for your traffic
  • How to turn your visitors to audience
  • How to turn the audience to customer
  • How to turn the customer to repeated customer
  • How to attract your customers with your valuable bonus

Week 6: Product Creation

You will learn
  • Thinking as the customer for your product , what is the values that the product will add or the issue the product will solve
  • Making Market research and analyze the competitor
  • Making your product from scratch
  • How to Hire your outsourcing team , test them
  • How to make job posting at the freelancers sites and how to evaluate the proposals you get

Week 7: Creating Sales Materials

You will learn

  • How to create your video sales letter
  • How to create your written sales letters
  • How to create your webinar

    Week 8: Setting Up Business Ops
You will learn
  • How to get the sales engine running
  • How to accept the payment through PayPal and other services
  • How to deliver the product to your customers
  • How to use customer management systems which is inexpensive and easy to use
  • Attend 3 Webinar workshop
Week 9: Test and Go live
You will learn
  • How to get the affiliates to promote for your products
  • How to test your product and your offers
  • How to Make Big Bang Launch with a massive incomes
  • Anik Personal development Case study , How anik profit multimillion within year , and how to apply these steps on your products
Profit Academy Benefits

1. weekly Video Coaching Modules
13 modules of training from expert trainers delivered over 9 weeks.

2. Weekly Live Training Webinars
A coach will answer questions LIVE on a web seminar every week for continuous support.

3. 90 Days of Open Questions & Answers + Coaching
Unlimited discussion with trainers for the first three months.

4. 5 Online Weekend Workshops
2-day mastery workshops scheduled throughout 2015 on issues like traffic, copy writing, email writing and much more.

5. Free Admission to LIVE Event in Las Vegas
Anik and top internet marketers will coach and enlighten May 1-3, 2015. These events are always sold out, but this guarantees a spot.

6. Deliver-ability Checklists
Action steps for every stage of training - no guessing!

7. Niche Analysis Checklist and Scorecard
Score the earnings, traffic and opportunities for any niche idea to be sure your current passion makes money.

8. Members Community
A private forum with live coaching and member interaction - learn from the coaches, learn from other trainees, create a network, and more!

9. $100 Free Traffic from Clickonomy
You’ll get the quickest possible jump start with $100 worth of confirmed clicks through the world’s most effective growing email click marketplace.

10. 60 Days FREE Autoresponder
You’ll get 60days - a full two months - of a premium autoresponder program included in Your purchase.

11. Point and Click Opt-in Builder
No tech skills needed! You will be given the best With a few clicks a beautiful opt-in page is built and ready to collect subscribers.

12. Thank you Page Creator
The most valuable real estate on the web is the opt-in thank you page (“Thank You For Subscribing”). You will not just be taught how to use your thank you page to make quick money - You'll also get software that automatically turns this space into an offer that recovers costs and gets you profitable more quickly.

13. 13 VSL Creator
Doing your Video Sales Letter (VSL) yourself means purchasing and learning screen capture software, creating your own slides, and perfecting your vocal and recording skills. And
hiring an imaginative team to write and record it can cost $10,000 - $25,000!
In profit Academy with our VSL Creator software just point, enter your information, done!

14. 30 Opt-in Pages (3 x 10 Niches)
15. 52 Email Messages For Each of 10 Niches
16. Solo Ad Examples For Each of 10 Niches
17. 3 Sample Product Outlines
This is how Anik Singal lays out his own customer- pleasing products. These outlines are the
perfect templates for creating a world-class information product.

18. 3 Sample Funnels
A effectively designed collection of product offers - a funnel - is what really makes an email list into a “cash machine” that generates revenue on autopilot . It’s all done. Simply plug in your own product and you’ve got a funnel setup ready to make sales.

19. 3 Samples of Copy
Copy makes or breaks your sales, so we’ll give you exactly what works.

20. Pre-Built Members Area
With this fully-constructed membership area site! Coders charge thousands to build these, but Profit Academy trainees get one on the house.

Pros of Profit Academy

To be part of Profit Academy is indeed a great way so that people and aspiring marketers can enrich themselves on how they can start and run a business. The virtual workshops and events suit to people who cannot afford to learn via personal class attendance. It is accessible to people who want to learn through the virtual platform. By means of paying a total of $ 16, 476, you can get lifetime membership and limited bonuses.

Cons of Profit Academy

At some point, to be a member of Profit Academy is costly. It requires you to spend large amount of money in order to be part of the growing community. There are some people who want to get access on all virtual programs and events of Profit Academy however they cannot afford to pay the required payment for the membership.

Profit Academy Free Book
The Circle of the Profit

Profit Academy Free Video

Profit Academy Free Work Shop # 1

Profit Academy Bonus

Bonus Package #1 ($4950 )

  • IPad air 2 (128 GB)
  • 1000 $ Google Ad-words coupons
  • 100 $ Facebook coupons
  • 50 $ Bing coupons
  • 3000 $ Udemy courses
  • Hosting Plan and domain for 365 days

Bonus Package # 2 ( $6100)

  • Fully building , designing and publishing your Custom Business ($1900)

  • 1000 $ Google Ad-words coupons
  • 100 $ Facebook coupons
  • 50 $ Bing coupons
  • 3000 $ Udemy courses
  • Hosting Plan and domain for 365 days

Bonus Package # 3 ($4700)

  • 1-Year Pro membership ($480)

  • 1000 $ Google Ad-words coupons
  • 100 $ Facebook coupons
  • 50 $ Bing coupons
  • 3000 $ Udemy courses
  • Hosting Plan and domain for 365 days
Bonus Package #4 ($4700)

  • Instapage 6-months Pro membership ($480)

  • 1000 $ Google Ad-words coupons
  • 100 $ Facebook coupons
  • 50 $ Bing coupons
  • 3000 $ Udemy courses
  • Hosting Plan and domain for 365 days

How to Claim Your Bonus

1- First, clear your cookies to guarantee you buy from my link as illustrated above.
(Learn how to clear you cookies from her)
2- Buy Profit Academy by clicking the button below
3- Forward your receipt to or
4- I’ll contact you via email in the following 24 hours to confirm your bonus.

5-All bonuses will be sent to all buyers after the refund period is ended
6-Make Sure to Subscribe at Mailing List
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Re: Anik Singal Profit Academy Review and Bonus $5999
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your links are not working... Do I get any bonuses for telling you about the links? PS. I already got the PA course and I love it... Be well my friend :-)
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Re: Anik Singal Profit Academy Review and Bonus $5999
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What you need , i can't understand , can you send me private message with what you need and how we can do well

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$5999, academy, anik, bonus, profit, review, singal

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