Your Marketing Videos in 35 Different Languages in 1 click - Ai Powered
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Your Marketing Videos in 35 Different Languages in 1 click - Ai Powered

Use VidTags to add deep tags, navigate, transcribe, translate, search and add interactive actionable table of contents to your video/audios

Your Boring Marketing Video Or 3rd Party Video Host Is Holding You BACK! It's Time For A Change ... 2021 APPROVED

Push-Button Video Hosting And Marketing Platform Leverages Advances In A.I. Technology To Get You More Views, Longer Watch Times, And Better Engagement And Sales With A Few Clicks Of Your Mouse
VidTags Is Getting Rave Reviews

Are You Or Your Clients Getting The Results You Want From Your Video Marketing Content Or Could Things Be Better?

4 Reasons Why Your Videos Are NOT Getting You The Results You Want

The Good News Is...

We've created a cutting-edge Ai powered video hosting platform that solves all of these big problems and makes it as easy as clicking your mouse to get more views, longer watch times, better engagement, and sales.

VidTags Is An Ai-Powered Interactive Video And Audio Hosting Platform That Makes Navigating, Deep Tagging, Searching, Transcribing, And Translating Your Marketing Video/Audio Contents Super Easy.
In 2021 Nobody Wants To Sit And Watch 20 Or 60 Minutes Long Videos Just To Find Out 1 or 2 Things They Might Be Interested In… This Is Why VidTags Is Created!
How Does This Ai Marketing Video Hosting Work In a Nutshell?
You simply copy and paste the URL of any online video (or audio) and VidTags will automatically generate transcripts, then create an Interactive Actionable Table of Contents (iAToC) by understanding the context of the conversations in the video, while adding ‘Deep Tags’ to each segment in the iAToC.

Now, with this new content, you can translate and render it into 35 different languages.

Plus it gets hosted for you to prevent all the distractions and commercialization you get from other video hosting services, like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

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