Here's an easy. proven route to a growing passive online income
Artkantos 2 years ago

Here's an easy. proven route to a growing passive online income

If you want to enjoy the internet marketing dream of a passive income that grows and grows, then THIS is for YOU, becauseā€¦

If you want to enjoy the internet marketing dream of a passive income that grows and grows, then THIS is for YOU, because...

Here's The Smart Way To Deploy The Exact Business Model The Super-Rich Use
And Take It To Fill YOUR Bank Account With
Multiple $47 Payments Month After Month

Read on to discover how you can enjoy all the benefits of a powerful income-producing asset without all the hard work of building and maintaining it STARTING TODAY...

Hi Fellow Warrior... the super-rich don't follow the obvious route of selling their precious time for dollars by working for someone else to make them wealthy.

Instead, they use income-producing assets to make themselves wealthy... MEGA wealthy!

Billionaire Bill Gates used his Microsoft® computer operating system to make himself the one-time 'World's Richest Man'.

And the recent 'Richest Man in the World', Jeff Bezos, took over that title thanks to his powerful income-producing asset: his Amazon® website: a stunningly simple concept of an online store selling just about everything with next-day delivery.

And the current 'World Richest Man', Elon Musk, has just bought a ready-made website - Twitter® - and will now be charging users a subscription of $8 a month for access.

This is exactly what you'll be doing (if you shrewdly take advantage of what I have for you today) except you won't need to pay $44 BILLION for the site and you'll be charging each subscriber a lot more than $8!

So imagine...
... Enjoy a regular monthly income that snowballs month by month - growing ever larger and LARGER while you do very little more than move the monthly subscriptions from your PayPal account to your regular bank account!

Sound like a stretch?

Not when you take advantage of the life-changing offer I have for you today.

Hi... my name is Catherine Gairard and I now enjoy a wonderful life of financial and time freedom. So I enjoy regular vacations in exotic locations with my wonderful family and, when I'm back in my beautiful home, my favorite pastime is hosting barbecues for friends and family.

It's the sort of life, you probably ache for too - and it's one I could never have imagined, even in my wildest dreams, a short time ago.

But it wasn't always like that.

Quite the opposite.

Because a few years ago I lived a very different life as a gym instructor, living from paycheck to paycheck.

But I was determined to build a better life for myself and my family.

Probably like you, I figured the newly emerging industry of internet marketing would be the key to my financial freedom/.

And - probably like you - I found it was not quite as easy as some of the self-styled gurus, with their tantalizing photos of supercars, beautiful mansions, and exotic vacation locations, made out.

That meant they were able to sell ever more stuff to us folks who just wanted to make a few extra bucks to give our families a better life.

But I'm no quitter because I firmly believe in that proven mantra that: 'Quitters never win and winners never quit'.

So I spent every spare hour I had after work scouring all the internet marketing websites (of which there are plenty) trying to find out the common denominator.

As there was very little time left in my 24 hours after work, commuting to the gym, and attending to the needs of my family, I was forever burning the midnight oil, getting less and less sleep, while getting more and more frustrated.

One night, after a particularly long and exhausting session, I swore an oath that- if I could only find that final key to internet marketing wealth - I would reach down and help all the other good folks I knew were also being short-changed by the gurus.

That little outburst exhausted me and I collapsed onto the couch and immediately fell into a deep sleep.

That's when I had a 'Road to Damascus' experience
I woke up a few hours later feeling more refreshed and energized than I had for ages and I immediately saw with crystal clear clarity what the answer was.

And it was SO simple.

The gurus tell you 95% of what you need to know - but hold back on that vital 5% that completes the picture.

So I immediately changed my strategy and - instead of doing what they said -focused like a laser on what they actually DID to accumulate their wealth.

They did it with their own internet marketing versions of Jeff Bezos's Amazon® website.

But - instead of selling everything under the sun, they focussed on selling information, building sites around a particular subject people need to create a better life for themselves.

That could be on any subject such as cooking, handicrafts, carpentry, greener living, gardening - even dog training. And they charged an affordable monthly subscription to members who wanted to gain access to this information.

And, as more and more members joined, their monthly income rapidly snowballed.

Finally, I'd cracked the code of internet marketing wealth.

But there was a problem
And it was a pretty daunting one.

Because it was like the proverbial 'chicken and egg' puzzle.

I had so little time left after my job and all the other demands on my time to build a membership site with all the new things I had to learn, like actually building it and then filling it with enough decent information to warrant the subscription I planned to charge.

I took the biggest gamble of my life
My partner agreed to increase the hours she worked to support me while I quit my job at the gym to focus my full attention on building my membership site.

It was made or break.

Fortunately, it paid off handsomely.

And when something works right it tends to work like gangbusters, so it wasn't very long before I'd replaced the peanuts I was being paid as a gym instructor and that quickly snowballed to become double and quadruple my old monthly salary.

I now I enjoy a six-figure income and my lovely loyal partner has been able to quit her job altogether.

But I haven't forgotten the promise I had back in my darkest hour that if I managed to crack the code of internet marketing wealth I would reach down and help another good folk, like you, struggling in vain to find that precious key to internet marketing riches.

So I decided to give my membership site away!
Which is - in effect - what I am doing.

Because I'm making a limited number of reseller licenses available that authorize the reseller to have all the advantages of owning a thriving membership site with a regular monthly income that will increase month on month making your ambition and greed to only limit.

Because you will receive 100% of the monthly subscription paid directly into your Paypal account.

It's just like you own the site - except...
You DON'T need to:

Build the site

Download or upload anything

Worry about hosting fees

Setup any membership scripts

Maintain the software or hardware

Manage the membership site

Create any content

Shoot any videos

Write any sales copy

Talk to members!

Because I now have a team that makes sure there is more than enough fresh material added to the site each and every month - as much as three times a month - to ensure the subscribers you sign up will want to continue their membership far into the future.

And, with a month on the internet being like 12 years in the offline world, there will always be a reason for your subscribers to carry on subscribing so they're always up to speed with an ever-changing industry.

That means you can focus entirely on increasing your subscriber count month after month so your income grows exponentially.

And the subject of my membership site is one that is always in great demand - particularly at the moment with the economy in intensive care - making an online income. And it's in the form most folks demand these days - video.

Currently, there are 25 videos in the member's area with more being added all the time.

These cover all the knowledge of internet marketing I'd built up in my search for the Holy Grail of internet marketing wealth - both what to do and - just as importantly - what pitfalls to avoid.

And, the best bit is ...

This business thrives in a recession
Because incomes are being squeezed hard by the current rocketing inflation rates, you'll have no shortage of potential subscribers as folks will be queuing around the block to find out how to make a little extra money on the internet. And many will also be looking to give themselves a safety net of an alternative source of income in case they are 'let go' in the looming layoffs.

And it will be super-easy for you to sign up these highly motivated prospects and turn them into loyal subscribers that will explode your income thanks to our professionally crafted sales letter that fronts our membership site.

So all you need to do is to send your prospective subscribers to that compelling sales letter, using the unique coded link you'll get when you purchase your reseller license. Then - once they subscribe - they will automatically be added to your list of subscribers and you'll get paid their $47 monthly recurring subscription along with all your other subscriptions directly into your PayPal account as regularly as clockwork.

Mark Twain hit the nail on the head when he said
"The louder he sang his own praises, the faster we counted our spoons"

So, because self-praise is worthless, here is what a couple of my existing resellers are saying about the program...

First up is Shawn Carnagie, who says that the quality and scope of my course are better than those costing $1,997.00 and that being able to sell subscriptions is the easiest money you can make...

"From paid traffic, to copywriting, to Facebook, to Google, to creating products... literally you get training on every concept to be successful online. I've seen $1,997 courses that didn't have a fraction of the content. The most valuable part is how fast this can get you making money, due to the reseller program. And being able to resell it means the easiest money you can make."

Shawn Carnagie

Next comes Peter Frankson, who says that his earnings have skyrocketed since he became a reseller...

"What a great site you have put together here. I am now making a great income from your site every month, and with the new reseller's program my earnings have skyrocketed."

Peter Frankson

By now you might possibly be wondering
You can clearly see the tremendous advantages of what I'm offering you today to enjoy the dream lifestyle of a successful internet marketer- but you're worried that such as opportunity where there is no ceiling on what you can make every month will cost a king's ransom to gain access.

You're right!

Such a powerful wealth-creating opportunity as this SHOULD certainly cost you a pretty penny.

But I have never forgotten the almost physical pain and mental anguish I felt when I could not make this internet marketing 'thing' work so I could provide a better life for my loved ones.

So I'm making it super easy for you to purchase your license on a monthly basis and even easier to finance that easy payment by signing up just ONE new subscriber a month. So you'll pay $47 a month for your reseller license and that one subscription will finance it for you - meaning your reseller license is, effectively, FREE!

In fact, you'll actually be in profit
with your first very civilian subscriber


This is the Warrior Special Offer Forum, where we give fellow Warriors a unique reseller deal not available anywhere else - so you'll actually make a $30 instant profit when you sign up just one non-Warrior subscriber at $47.

Because I'm slashing that $47 monthly subscription for your reseller's license to just $17 for the first three months.

That means you'll make an instant profit of 30 bucks immediately after you sign up your very first subscriber who is not a Warrior Forum member.

And your low, low reseller subscription will last for three months - perhaps not even that long if you're quick (I'll explain more in a minute), by which time you'll doubtless have far more subscribers each paying you $47 a month that will more than cover your $47 monthly reseller fee.

But it's only fair to warn you
I don't want too many resellers over-fishing the pool of prospective subscribers because it would not be fair, so I will be putting a cap on the number of licenses I am prepared to grant.

But to make it easy for you to go ahead right now, I have a very special fast mover bonus.

Fast Mover's Mega Bonus is clearly worth $47.00 a month if you are one of the First 50 who get on board right away
When you invest in your reseller's license, if you wish to have access to the member's area and all those valuable training videos, then you will also need to pay the regular $47 monthly subscription for that too.

However, if you move fast and are one of the lucky First 50 to invest in your reseller's license, then you will have lifetime access to the site totally free of all charges.

This means you now have a crystal clear choice
You can either carry on as before looking for that perfect product or course that will enable you to become a millionaire by the end of the month with no effort on your part just because you have the product on your computer like some magic money magnet (which you know deep down does NOT REALLY exist)...

OR ...

You can realize that THIS is as close as you're likely to get to that mythical product with virtually everything is done for you and grab your place right now, while you can still claim that Fast Mover's Bonus to get free access to the whole course because that will help you become a black belt marketer and make recruiting subscribers as easy as pie.

I'm sure you're shrewd enough to make the right choice, so I'm eagerly looking forward to welcoming you aboard.

Wishing you success always,


Catherine Gairard

P.S. If you're still wondering if you would be proud to offer this to others, that's understandable. So here's what reseller Martin Andrews says...

"I don't promote anything to my list that I am not certain is of great value, so I took the time to study the content and make up my mind. I had no problem letting my readers know about it yesterday."

Martin Andrews

P.P.S. Palliative nurse, Bronnie Ware, who nursed terminally ill patients in their final days says in her book, 'Regrets of the Dying', that the overwhelming regret of her patients was their failure to take full advantage of opportunities they'd been offered during their lives.

But, if you take full advantage of the opportunity I'm offering you today, when your time comes you won't need to look back and wonder how much better your life might have been because you'll be too busy looking back with great satisfaction at a life well lived and all the warm memories and riches that have flowed from that shrewd decision to go ahead you made today.

[Yes, Catherine! I want to become one of your well-rewarded resellers.
Here's hoping I make it into the First 50]
  • Question: Can your training help COMPLETE beginners?

    Yes. It's PERFECT for beginners (although, even seasoned marketers will learn some new tricks). I'll walk you through EVERYTHING. Frankly, Internet marketing isn't that difficult... when you have proper training. You simply need to take the information I give you and APPLY IT. No prior experience is required.

  • Question: Does it cost a lot of money to get started?

    This is a common Internet marketing MYTH. It doesn't have to cost a lot of money to get started. And, typically, even the services you DO need (such as an email autoresponder) have FREE TRIALS. Of course -- at some point -- you may want or need to use other tools. But the MAIN thing you need is the knowledge to make it happen -- and I'm going to supply that.

  • Question: What if I can't do it?

    Well, first of all, I'm absolutely convinced that anyone who is willing to make an effort can succeed. However, if you decide that it's not for you, you're covered by my 30-day, money-back guarantee. (See below.) This is a RISK-FREE offer.

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