Retail Therapy Marketing Package - monthly subscription
Jo McKee 21 weeks ago

Retail Therapy Marketing Package - monthly subscription

The ultimate all-in-one marketing package that brings consistently strong results.

The all-in-one Retail Therapy marketing package provides true peace of mind for ecommerce and service-based business owners.
You will get Facebook ads for your business, plus Instagram, TikTok, Google, email, blog posts, SEO and organic posts each day.

The only buyer's remorse you'll have is that you didn't subscribe earlier.

Pause or cancel anytime. If you'd prefer to swap out, say, TikTok, for another channel, just say the word.

The Retail Therapy Marketing Package includes:
~ Up to 3 paid marketing channels (Choose from Facebook/Instagram, Google, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest).
~ Email marketing - automations and campaigns.
~ Weekly SEO-optimized blog posts to boost your organic sales.
~ Daily organic posts on up to 3 platforms.
~ SEO: on-page and technical

The Retail Therapy Marketing Package is perfect for you if your brand is established, doing over $100k/month in revenue, but you're looking at your current marketing and feel like it's a hot "piecemeal" mess.

This package evolved by request, as clients love that we look after it all.
It means one team ensures all aspects of your marketing play nicely together. We're measuring every channel to identify intra- and cross-channel opportunities.

Business owners who subscribe to this package enjoy knowing things are under control and they experience solid revenue growth.

Get ready for REAL freedom ...

For example, just say "Here's the footage from our latest photoshoot ... let's promote this collection this month" and MAGIC it's done!

This is the system we are using to bring a blended ROAS of over 5.8 x for clients in the fashion ecommerce vertical, and over 20X blended ROAS for a client in the kids' furniture niche.

We've worked on successful campaigns in niches such as homewares, furniture, nutrition, fashion, baby accessories, footwear, toys, pet products, craft packs, food, health products, marine tourism, health and beauty.

Despite no lock-in contracts, we have clients who have been with us for years!

Satisfaction guarantee
Imagine an agency that says "Hey, if within your first 30 days you're not satisfied with our work, we'll refund the fees and send you a case of wine for your time."
You found it.

We aren't amateurs or kids working from laptops in bedrooms so, no, we don't guarantee ROI. We don't own or control the ad platforms and sadly, don't have the Zuck on speed dial.

But we stand by our work.

Within your first month you'll have a sense of whether you want to hang around.

Think of it like a dating period before we move in together. If for any reason you think it's not a good fit in the first 30 days, simply say the word and we'll go our separate ways.

We'll even refund the agency fees paid to date AND send you a case of wine for your time. Just like dating, though, we reserve the right to break up with you too.

Our clients stay with us for a long time, often for years. It's important we get this right and you feel ZERO pressure to stay. We respect the effort from both parties that goes into onboarding, and respect both your time and ours.

If you don't feel that our work is delivered professionally and on time, let us know within the first 30 days. Terms and conditions? Check them out here.
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