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Automated Website Security Testing Service
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SCAN , ANALYSE , DETECT , MONITOR and TEST PERFORMANCE of your website , we scan for your website, analyse potential issues such as (security vulnerability , competitor analysis) , Detect any potential issues such as (Content Duplication , Online reviews) , also monitor for your websites availability and performance (both mobile/Desktop versions) of your website for serving your customers. And if you accept payments online we make PCI compliance a breeze.

On Demand Vulnerability Scanning
Our Cloud based on-demand SAAS solution offers you the complete gamet of state of art technology to help you identify potential security risk on your website.

Regulatory Compliance
"Internet of things” has changed the world once for all. Internet is still in its babyhood. It continues to evolve and move in unexpected directions with insecure uncertainities.

Completely Web-Enabled
PC everydesk was an ambitious thought, so is a smart mobile every pocket.Anyone in your organization along with your customers, can access your Security-Testing.

Fully Automated
Ancient Manual testing processes are tiresome, exhaustive, resource hungry, slow, inaccurate and dependent. Then, Why Do manual testing when you can do 100% automatic testing.

Powerful online Reporting
Empower your mobile workforce with the Security Testing - mobile , ipad , PC , etc.., View and share interactive reports and dashboards with the flexiblity of downloadable options.

No Contractual Subscription
No Messy monthly Billing Cycles , No Advance payment , No setup fees - Pay only for what you use.

The Highlights of our Online Automated Website Security service
  • No installation
  • No downtime
  • No expensive security team to be hired
  • Including Proof of concept
  • PCI Compliant
  • Detailed Explanatory Reports
  • Alerts - SMS/Mail
  • Manual Security Testing also offered
  • Completely WebEnabled

We are extremely good at what we do
The fabulous and brilliant services offered in security testing makes us to feel that we are wonderously best at what we do.We offer a fine service in security testing of your website.

We understand business
Having worked for leading companies across virtually all sectors, we understand commerce and the challenges faced by in-house and agency communications teams.

We know how integrated communications work
We have worked with communications professionals in all disciplines, both in-house and agency-side. This means we fit seamlessly into new or existing teams and, if required, are always happy to put clients in touch with other specialists.

We care about what we do
We always want contented clients. we care about their reputation and acceptability as much as we do about ours. This is partly professional pride, partly personal morality. Doing a good job really matters to us.

We offer round the clock service
we offer our service for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week


SCANNING - Security scanning applies OWASP top 10, PCI complaint, SANS top 25 to determine the security vulnerabilities and enables website security with a trust seal
  1. OWASP Compliant
  2. Over 51000+ Signatures
  3. POC of each issue
  4. Solutions for vulnerabilities
  5. No Installation Required

DETECTION - Detection includes Plagiarism Detection, Zone Transfer Detect, Blacklist Detect, Multi Antivirus Scan, BotNet Detection, Email ID and Associated People Detection
  1. Multi AntiVirus Scan
  2. DNS Zone Transfer
  3. Phish Check
  4. Plagiarism Check
  5. Blacklist Detect

SERM - Search Engine Reputation Management, Search Engine Analysis and Search Engine sentiment brings site top ranked online report effecting on perception of brand
  1. Competitor Analysis
  2. Website Analytics
  3. Social Media Details
  4. On/Off page analysis
  5. Revenue Information

MONITORING - Monitoring website is an important part of any company doing business online. Uptime Monitoring, Server Health Check, Alerts - SMS and Mail are monitoring services
  1. 24/7 Monitoring
  2. AgentLess Monitoring
  3. Uptime Monitoring
  4. Website Health Check
  5. Alerts - Phone/Email

PERFORMANCE - Website Performance is checked to Improve Website Speed. Performance Tuning is done for the improvement of the website. Data analysis fixes performance problems
  1. Website Performance
  2. Improve Website Speed
  3. Performance Tuning
INVENTORY - Inventory list and Asset Register gives you a detailed idea about the visitors of your website and their activities and locations
  1. Asset Register
  2. Inventory list


We didn’t have expertise to do security testing and there was an customer request saying that their product has to be certified at the industry standard. If this customer product is not safe we might loose the customers. We reached infySEC, we are satisfied with their security services as well as our customer. - Mr. Mohan Shankar .S.R - Manager, Testing Service, Zylog Systems.
We don’t like to do our data security check by non experienced people, we searched for people who is having Information security experience long time and we found infySEC had a good experience and exposure to the security part of our product. infySEC’s final report was self explanatory where was our security being lacked. We even spoke to some of our clientele and our clients were actually very happy on seeing the security reports generated by infySEC. - Mr. Varun - CAO., Virgo Polimer.
Even though our customer got the deliverables in the first phase, next question they are asking is "How secure is my valuable data is ?". First we tried to do security fix internally and we had self believe that we can fix everything that led us to major issues. Infysec came into picture, in our meeting we explained the security problem, they understood and in few hours they came back with the workable implementation solution. They are experts in what they do and good customer service. - Mr. Venky Sivaraman, Head of Strategy - Technology & Products.
Entire hotel is linked with all systems starting from Accounting software, telephone software, Customer Wifi software. We found that we are not having proper usage of our system networking facilities to the fullest which has lack of security issues and threats. infySEC took our security issues as their responsibility and they fixed to themselves, irrespective of having our support or not. The quality of report was very professional and in detailed. The report showed very critical issues, if i would have let those issues today, it would have become a major issue in one year time. - Mr. S. James Stephen - CEO., Clinton Park Inn.
infySEC got an proven track record of executing critical information security projects and they have unique skill sets ranging across IT domains, right from active directory, wireless security testing, process review etc. You name it, infySEC has skills to help you with. For any person who is looking for increasing the security posture of the company i would recommend Infysec is the best choice that you can look for security consulting perspective and they are value to your company. They will understand what’s your real security issues are and will give you tailor-made solutions. infySEC is very good partner to work within the information security Arena. - Mr. Isaac Prince Jeffery - Sr. Manager, Enterprise Risk Management.
For us in terms of security, we were lack in it and ended with infySEC. All guys worked for infySEC were flexible. We had other providers, they gave us solutions and didn’t educate us to going forward where as infySEC educated us to fix the security issue that’s the major thing that we had experience which is excellent and amazing. - Mr. Karthick -Solution Architect, Zylog Systems.
Before reaching infysec we have lot of security vulnerabilities which we were not aware of. infySEC helped us accessing security posture level by doing high level of penetration testing and helped us accessing infrastructural aspects as well. They helped us towards ISO standards certifications. - Mr. Sanmugavel Shankaran - Head IT Security, Reasoning Global Applications.
We were having challenges in terms of enabling the security process. We wanted somebody professional who has got the experience and knowledge on security. - Mr. Ganesh Duraiswamy - Head Operations, Ivy Mobility Solutions.
Download our Sample Report of all modules

See what our customers have to say about our service

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Re: Automated Website Security Testing Service
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Reserved for FAQ
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Re: Automated Website Security Testing Service
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Any questions, feel free to message me here
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