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Yo Copywriters: Do you want to make more money for yourself, and your clients?
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Copywriters: Do you want to discover how to write scalable campaigns for your clients & partners (and easily tell prospects how you do it)?

I’m Mark Pescetti.

I don’t just write copy.

My whole life was made possible because of copy.
I mean it. (And I’ll tell you why in a second.)

In my 10+ years wearing the hat of a copywriter…

I’ve written and helped optimized thriving campaigns for my clients and partners. No, not necessarily right out of the gate. But quite frankly, there isn’t a copywriter alive who can do that. Anyone saying they can consistently launch winners right out of the gate isn’t being honest.

Right there (my copywriter friends) is WHY… the old freelance model of getting paid for one-off projects is DEAD. If I can be blunt, taking people’s money to write them a single version of a sales letter or VSL is the absolute worst way for anyone to do business together.

The truth about digital marketing is:

It always takes work, collaboration, and several rounds of optimizing for ANY promo to scale.

Here’s something I’m sure you haven’t even thought about:

You have to bottleneck your media buyer with constant “creative” to keep testing, testing, testing your copy.

It’s oh-so-worth it too. Nothing beats the feeling of building a campaign for your clients and partners that’s thriving (and generating passive profits for years to come). Nothing. Well, except for living the freedom to get to command by standing behind your work, and guaranteeing it WILL perform.

Welcome to the new freelance copywriting paradigm.

Now, here’s the critical question that gets me inside the minds of prospects:

“What STORY are people telling about the problems THIS product can address?”

The answer always leads me to the emotional-sweet-spot in getting people to identify with a problem (so they CARE about the solution). After all, if your prospects don’t have a heavy emotional charge about the problem you can help solve, you aren’t putting something in front of people they actually need… or want.

Direct response advertising only works - when the people you want to help have a problem that produces fear inside of them. Yes, fear.

Now, fear is our biggest driver to do… pretty much anything. That makes the agitation process (in the beginning of your copy) essential to grab people’s attention. You have to get prospects to identify with the problem… immediately… by triggering their fear about it. Or they’ll bail. And what IS that fear?

It’s a story people are telling about “the worst thing that can happen… if”.

It’s called Negative Bias. And it’s extremely strong in every single person on this planet because it’s programmed into our DNA. It’s what keeps the human species alive.

The thing is, FEAR is where the most emotion is about a problem. Not hope. Yes, hope and future pacing are critical elements in copy. But until you connect with people’s fear… or story about a problem… that gets you their complete and undivided attention… you CAN’T help them. That’s what makes fear a hugely positive thing, because it’s through this powerful feeling that we can get people’s attention… and assist them in positively changing their lives.

Of course, once we have their attention…

We have to lead people, line-by-line, on a journey of seeing… and believing… “the product” you’re I’m introducing them to... is their best possible solution… right now.

That’s direct response:

1 problem… 1 solution.

It’s a very different model of selling than commercial or brand advertising the big corporations spend millions of dollars on for TV time.

In direct response, we live and die by the real-time-data. It’s all about getting the most sales… or conversions… “from those 100 clicks”. If your conversions are 0.5%, it’s all about optimizing. But if your conversions are, I don’t know, 5%... it’s all about scaling.

Let’s quickly breakdown the 7-Steps-To-Profits in direct response:
  1. Have an amazing product or service (that people genuinely want/need).
  2. Isolate the mechanism for WHY your solution works… for me… the prospect. (This is super important to position your product/service at the highest watermark of emotion… while helping people see that what you’re saying is actually real… and “true for me”. Otherwise, prospects won’t “buy” into anything you’re saying.)
  3. Write story-driven, FTC/FDA compliant copy. (I’ll explain what I mean by “story-driven. Compliance isn’t sexy but neither is getting sued or going to jail because you made false claims.)
  4. Optimize the heck out of it. (By working with the right people - who know how to develop emotionally-packed, scalable campaigns.)
  5. Test. And test aggressively.
  6. Analyze the data and optimize
  7. Scale that honey to the moon.

Developing campaigns that emotionally connect with your prospects is hard?

Says who?

Of course…

It wasn’t always like that for me. I grew up poor, often homeless, and I didn’t finish the 4th grade. I don’t have a high school diploma, I didn’t go to college, and I taught myself everything I know and do. That’s HOW I’m able to predictably produce profitable results; I can deconstruct what I do… and know WHY it works.

It started in Eugene, Oregon back in December 2005. My daughter’s 4th birthday was approaching, Christmas was next, and then New Year’s. So much celebrating to do, and no money to do it. In fact, I was two weeks away from making my family homeless.

I made a bunch of horrible financial decisions, put us in ridiculous debt, and left us with nothing in the bank. It wasn’t just scary, it almost defeated me.

But instead of getting a job, I went to the coffee shop, and started writing an ebook. I went everyday for about a week to write a chapter or two. By the end of the week, I had a finished ebook. Don’t get me wrong, it was horribly written, full of errors, and very wordy. But I took the Word Doc, converted into a PDF, and called it an ebook.

Then I taught myself how to make a website on Dreamweaver and Photoshop… and researched how to get articles ranked on Google.

Long story short, I made only ONE sale in the first few days. This was already after rent was due. Plus, we had no money for food. It was the lowest point in my life. I felt like a loser. I had made the wrong decision. And if I didn’t quickly figure out how to fix the problem, it was a decision that was going to haunt me for the rest of my life.

But then…

More sales started coming in. And by the 5th of January, I had made enough sales, at a whopping $17-a-pop, to pay rent and buy food. Six months later, that little ebook was chugging along and helped me abundantly support my family.

I never looked back.

Since then, I’ve worked with some of the top brands, people and companies in direct response. I’ve spent incredible amounts of time, behind-the-scenes, developing and optimizing 7-figure campaigns. And most importantly, I’ve help these people and companies become sustainably profitable. I know what it takes to develop and optimize a digitally-based product launch. (Ego alert!) That’s what makes me one of the very best in this copywriting game.

By the way…

Pay close attention to step #3 in the 7-Steps-To-Profits above:

The REAL magic (in the copywriting game) lies in knowing HOW to write compliant promos that always pass the FTC/FDA and Google/Facebook sniff tests. This is beyond critical - if you want to build and grow a long-term, financially successful online presence for your clients and partners. It’s on YOU to make sure they’re safe from being harassed, threatened, and even shut down, because of YOUR work.

Think about it:

What good is copy - if it gets your clients & partners banned on Facebook or Google? Or worse, investigated.

So, here’s what’s up:

I want to work with THE CREAM OF THE CROP digital copywriters - who want to discover how to compliantly develop top performing campaigns that stand the test of time.

Here’s my offer:

I’m looking for 15 copywriters who want to participate in my copywriting coaching group.

I want to teach you:
  • How to position yourself. (I’ve always found it fascinating how so many copywriters don’t position themselves to talk with the right client. And even worse, the same copywriters are shocked when they’re broke all of the time. I’ll show you how to make your advertisements a beacon of light… for the mega clients you know are out there… to FINALLY see you.)
  • How to negotiate your deals. (If someone had pulled me aside and shown me how to do this 10 years ago, I’d be a millionaire many times over by now. In fact, by doing what I teach you, it’ll transform your entire business-paradigm. In other words, you’ll be able to GUARANTEE your work. Trust me. This will blow your ******* mind.)
  • How to interview your clients/partners to get the most out of them, or know what experts YOU need to bring on to make a campaign as legit as humanly possible. (Just this year alone, I’ve paid, out of pocket, thousands of dollars to bring in the right nutrition experts for my gigs. This goes WAY beyond “just researching.” You’ll wonder why you’ve never done this before.)
  • How to ask the right questions. (“We thought that we had the answers, it was the questions we had wrong.” That’s a U2 lyric. And ****, it’s so true. And here’s the thing, when you ask the wrong questions to write your final copy, it can cost you and your clients a fortune. Let me teach you how to ask the right questions.)
  • How to LEAD a campaign from beginning to end. (Yup, this is a big one. Because you’re literally in charge of everything. It’s on your back to find the most effective positioning, discover the right tone, reveal a killer hook, and most importantly, piece together the best possible proof mechanism to guarantee the claims you make are well-received by prospects. This is so, so, so important. And yes, if a campaign fails, it IS your fault. So, let me show you HOW to lead a campaign to surefire conversion heaven. A lot of copywriters think their job is to listen to the client. I’ll show you what they really want… and need.)

Once we begin…

We will meet twice a week on Zoom video… as a group… for 4 weeks… and go over the critical elements I described above, as well as the practical application of writing a VSL script. Each session will be recorded and posted on our private Facebook group.

This is your chance to quickly advance your talent, value, career, lifestyle, and financial freedom.

And here my promise:

Once you’re done with this one month program, you’ll become the copywriter superstar you’ve always fantasized about. (If you constantly apply the information you discover.)

Bottom line:
  • Forget Digital Marketer.
  • Frank Kern’s cool, but doesn’t teach this.
  • Other copywriters try to teach this stuff, but don’t have my track record of success. Why would you want to learn from someone who hasn’t produced millions upon millions in profits?
Besides, if you aren’t trying to be the very best copywriter in the business, why are you even pretending to call this your career?

And look, the whole point of being a freelance copywriter is to the enjoy the life of freedom and abundance that comes with converting for your clients and partners. Let me show you how. And let’s make a better advertising - by knowing how to write and convert for people in a way that’s authentic and chock full of integrity.

Each spot costs $1,000.

Training begins on the 5th of November, 2018.

Click here to discover more.


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