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The Closer You Get To The BUY Button... The More Skilled A Copywriter You Need
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The Closer You Get
To The BUYButton

The More Skilled A Copywriter You Need

Dear Business Owner and Entrepreneur,

Your business is not the place to be experimenting with a wannabe copywriter.

There’s too much at stake.

You need a Professional who can

Provide Professional Marketing Services And
Create Powerful Advertisements…

Someone who writes results-driven copy day-in-and-day-out… (in my case, for the last 2-½ years) and produces ads you can count on.

And offers a 100% Results Based Guarantee… more about that a little later…

The Bottom-Line Is… If You Want To Succeed… Grow Your Business… And Make An Outrageous Profit....
ONLY Two Things Matter…
  • Getting reader’s eyeballs (prospects) to your website, landing, or sales page so they can read your ad.
  • Conversions… closing sales by getting visitors to buy your product or service… sign up for a newsletter… a webinar… an ebook… or an email list.
On the surface, most successful ads seem like they’d be easy to write because:
  • They don't use highfalutin words that’ll send you to the dictionary. And appear to be written by a 7 or 8 year old.
  • They don't use long complicated sentences, or paragraphs,to make their point. Everything is short, to the point, and punchy.
  • And they seem to easily engage their readers. If you’re interested in the subject of the ad, reading one is effortless and completely captivating… Before you know it, your reader has their credit card out and is pressing the BUY button.
Sounds EASY…? IT’S NOT.

When you look closer you’ll find there’s a wealth of time-tested copywriting and marketing knowledge and experience packed into every word.

And even if it’s not immediately obvious, there is a secret language of persuasion hidden in the subtext of every sentence… of every successful sales promotion.

And this secret language is a way of talking about your product or service… in a way that allows your customer to experience their emotions and desires without feeling manipulated or sold to. It is designed to make an emotional connection with your customer… so they’ll know… like… and trust you.

And being able to incorporate that secret language into your copy is one of the reasons why my clients are so overjoyed with my work.

***** 5 Stars
"Allen is very knowledgeable, methodical and collaborative. He is a seasoned copywriter who studies the best in the copywriting business. He takes the time to research the topic he is writing about, gets to know you and then writes compelling copy. He gets results. Highly recommended!!!" ~Ram I.
Sell More Products & Services…
…With A Professional Marketing Consultant.

Hi, I’m Allen Bronstein, and three years ago I was just another struggling videographer who didn’t have the slightest idea of how to market my services.

In desperation, I started reading books about persuasion, hoping that knowledge would help me improve my sales. But it wasn’t till I discovered copywriting and began studying the masters of the craft in-depth like… John Caples, Gary Halbert, Clayton Makepeace and Dan Kennedy that my life changed.

For over a year and a half, I was a member of Kyle Milligan’s Copy Squad. Actively participated in all the squad's weekly copy submissions, breakdowns, and analysis. While at WealthPress Publishing Kyle generated over $50 million in revenue… and having Kyle as a mentor accelerated my education and helped launch my professional career as a direct response marketer.

Who would have ever thought I’d fall in love with copywriting, and be so enthusiastic about the challenges and rewards it offers.

I can tell you… using my new found marketing skills, I’ve doubled the number of clients purchasing my video biography services… even during the Covid pandemic.

Since becoming a professional, I’ve worked for clients in a variety of small and large businesses, and would love to help you, too.

Because I’m still growing my business and establishing my reputation… I’d like to offer you a special reduced bonus-rate for my copywriting and marketing consulting services. More about that a little later.

A Professional Copywriter Can Help You
Sell More… Grow Your Business… And Make An Outrageous Profit

When we work together, I’ll be creating advertising copy specifically for your product or service. I believe in using the time-tested discipline of direct response marketing… and specialize in incorporating the secret-hidden language of persuasion into everything I write… to guarantee your ads have the greatest impact and produce exceptional results.

I don’t cut corners… My goal is to create sales letters and marketing services that provide you with the best possible result.

Investing In Professional Marketing Pays For Itself…
Over & Over Again

Many of the most successful businesses recognize that excellence in copywriting and marketing is the key to their success.

Companies like: Tony Robbins, Stansberry Research, Dr. Gundry, WealthPress Publishing, and Easy Health Options gladly pay their writers tens of thousands of dollars to create their ads…

Their writers are responsible for generating millions, if not billions, of dollars in revenue for them each year.

There is no question… they recognize an outstanding investment when they see one.

And by the same token… they know exactly what’s at risk if they don’t use the best that money can buy.

They understand how intolerant and high-skeptical today’s buyers are.

And they want to be sure they haven't hired an inexperienced writer that could spook a reader and ruin a sale.

For example: A poorly written ad is like sending a low-cost newbie salesman out on a crucial million dollar sales call… there is an excellent chance he’ll alienate your customer… lose the sale… and end-up costing your business not only money… but your reputation and professional standing in the market as well.

Many of the most successful businesses, large and small, recognize good marketing is an investment that pays for itself over-and-over again… and can be relied upon to generate revenue for years to come.

I’m an expert at copywriting and marketing. And you can rely on my knowledge and expertise to provide you with the highest quality service and results you demand.

Many of my clients have told me, Once they’ve seen how fast their sales have increased and their profits climbed… they wouldn’t ever think about going back and doing it by themselves.

A professional writer’s knowledge, skills, and experience can simplify your life.
If you’ve ever wanted to free up your valuable time so you can spend time with family and friends… and take time-off to pursue activities, that up to now, you’ve only dreamed of…

Hiring a professional copywriter is the answer…. knowing that your advertising is growing your business faster, and with less effort, than you could ever have imagined.

Sell More Products & Services…

When you hire me you’ll get…
  • Professional copywriter and marketing specialist
  • Expert marketing strategist
  • The professional creation of quality sales copy that gets results
  • I’m known for meeting or exceeding client’s deadlines and expectations
  • I don’t outsource work, and have a limited the number of client’s spaces available
  • Skilled researcher
  • Native English speaker
  • 2-½ years experience writing for all types of copy - emails… sales letters… newsletters… eBooks and special reports… video sales letters (VSL)... and long and short video scripts.
  • 100% Guarantee- if your advertisement doesn’t perform, I’ll do it over at no charge to you.

I’m committed to producing top-quality work in a timely manner. Which means I take the time to understand your business… perform the necessary research, so I can discover a unique way to tell your story that meets your prospects' needs and captures their imagination.

This process can’t be rushed. It takes time and thought. If you need something yesterday… you need someone other than me. I won’t rush. But I do meet or exceed reasonable time-frames and deadlines.

I pride myself on doing quality work and providing great service.

DON’T MISS OUT: Because I don’t outsource your work…

My available client time slots are LIMITED.

Contact Allen today. 415-755-8557

P.S. Because I’m building my business and still establishing my reputation… I can offer you my services at a special reduced rate.

And a 100% Guarantee - if your advertisement doesn’t perform, I’ll do it over at no charge to you.

Call or text me today… I look forward to meeting you and learning about your business.
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Re: The Closer You Get To The BUY Button... The More Skilled A Copywriter You Need
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Hi, i am a start up and could use your servcies, we need a simple sales ad, halp page or so, drop me a line and let me know if you can help, thanks Bryan

We are launching our opportunity now. Based in Vanada, looking to exspand through Affiliates,
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Re: The Closer You Get To The BUY Button... The More Skilled A Copywriter You Need
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Thanks for your service, it's really helpful. Donkey Kong
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