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Unread 4th Jul 2023, 01:01 AM   #1
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Core Web Vitals Fixer
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Hi, this is Ted, Seasoned White Hat SEO and Accredited Website Speed Optimizer and Security Expert with 14 yrs experience in the industry.

- Core Web Vitals Solutions;
- Unreal!! WordPress 90+ Speed;
- Search Console Fixes;
- Traffic Recovery;
- Security Audits, Malware - Hacked Pages Cleanup.

Speed fixes completed in 2-4 days (blanket optimization, not page-per-page fixes).

100+ WordPress sites have already been optimized w/ a 100% success rate. I'm the guy that can handle heavy installations and complex cases where in-depth technical knowledge is needed.

Top Results that can't be matched by people who simply install caching plugins. Even if an XYZ freelancer delivers a high-performance website, it will probably last for one week but it won't last for the first month and won't get verified by the Google Search Console. This is a method that guarantees results.

Top Results

Speed Optimization results:

Client Testimonials:


Woocommerce sped up:

SAAS Blog sped up:
Elementor Music Woocommerce shop:

Woocommerce Checkout page optimized to the full-speed extent:


read more:
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