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Please I want to start learning web development ( i wanna be front and back end developer )what you advise me, and do I have to buy courses ?! ( if .. what courses should I buy ?
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    Originally Posted by EL Capitano View Post

    Please I want to start learning web development ( i wanna be front and back end developer )what you advise me, and do I have to buy courses ?! ( if .. what courses should I buy ?
    I would start by picking a WordPress theme and building a site. THEN I would google "<insert theme name> mods" and see how you can change and modify that theme. And from there you can get an idea of how a webpage works front and back, and THEN you can start searching theme coding etc to get more in depth. No need for a course, just some applied practice and self education. There is MORE THAN ENOUGH content on the net for free that you don't need a course.
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    Sure web development is the simplest thing you can do on your own. All that is required is self drive and you will be on your way to developing your own website.
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    I think you should choose one direction - front end or back end
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    The best way to start is trial and error IMO when learning to design and code etc. If you don't want to purchase hosting initially which is understandable, you can use XAMPP or WAMP so you can set up a local web server environment which provides a great free option to learn WordPress which is probably a good place to start !

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    The best way for learning web development service is to -
    1. Choose a Language & Framework
    2. Learn the Programming fundamentals and language basics
    3. Data Structure & Algorithm
    4. Basics of Framework
    5. Database
    Exploring the world of Backend is a little tougher than programming and sticking views together, so buckle up for the journey, it's quite a ride.
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      Originally Posted by emilywhite View Post

      For basic learning, why don't you try W3School or Khhan Academy. The w3school has online tests too, you can practices simple code learning over there
      Agree, It's suitable for a beginner and it's easy to learn. I also recommend them
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  • Do you like codding? Do you like spending hours typing tomes of numbers & letters? If you do, start a website design course. If you dont, find a better business/occupation
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    There are plenty of free courses on youtube and plenty of websites which will teach you web design.
    I would say, you'll need to learn: html, javascript, css, php and databases.
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    If you want to learn web development you have to learn the technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript and you have to learn the frameworks like React, Angular, Vue etc and these are the front-end technologies
    for back end language to code with like PHP, Python, Java, Ruby or you can code with Node JS that'a Javascript implementation in the back end.
    some free courses on the internet like W3Schools.com, Udacitys free courses etc. And try to read some books on those technologies.
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    For the basic learning, you just need to try for W3School.
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    When I first used Wordpress (and why would you use anything else) 10 or 12 years ago, I set up an account on Wordpress.com and started "pulling levers" to see what would happen. When the site was totally screwed up I would delete and start over. It really didn't take long before I could build acceptable sites.

    Since then and probably 100 sites later when I have a question I generally find the answer quite quickly with a Google search. It's really not very difficult!
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    As the web matures, we as designers and developers must become more responsible in its use. It's about how trends fit in the overall picture, and how we can improve the experience for as many users

    Let's hope at least some of these trends will make a positive impact over the next months/years.
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    Firstly start learning from W3school and than pick up a WordPress theme to learn web development.
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    I would suggest you to go with pluralsight.com . It has plenty of tutorials and on-hands explanation on how to make any kind of web site with any kind of complexity and functionality. For your choice will be those: Angular and AngularJS, react, html5, css3, bootstarap, javascript, typescript, etc.
    Another web site which I use for training purpose is lynda.com. By content it's basically the same, difference is only in instructors.
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    You can start with 3C, and learning basic HTML and CSS. After that you can move on to advanced CSS, advanced HTML5, JS, Jquery, PHP, and MySQL.
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    I would try to get a feel for both at the same time.
    Frontend technologies you should check out: Angular, Ember, Aurelia, React, Webpack, Typescript, Sass/Scss
    Backend technologies: Here I highly recommend Firebase so you can use javascript for the backend and don't have to learn a completely new language together with how backends work in general.
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    Tutorials, tutorials and tutorials. Best are those on Youtube. Don't buy anything, just pick a framework and start with very basic things.

    As of 2020, to be honest, the best way to get into web dev is by understanding how to work with frameworks such as React.js or Vue.js. But for that to work, you need some basics first (HTML, CSS, Javascript), so start with that, then do a few free Youtube 'code along' courses to see whether you get the hang of it.

    Good luck!
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    I would start with Youtube and Google. You can get pretty far with these platforms just using the basics.

    Once you need to do more advanced things, it is when you'll need tor each out for help or maybe a course over the topic would come in handy.

    ~ Colby

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    Thanks for your Decision. Of Course, You can learn it. Actually, I am a Web Developer. I think, At First start Following from W3school and WordPress theme to learn web development.
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    Start with the very basic, I would say. Have you already learned HTML?
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    I'm not a programmer by any stretch of the imagination, but why not focus on what projects you want to build first. Then try to build them and learn that way.

    You can certainly learn with how-to books which I've bought and read too, but you'll learn more by trying to build, break and test your own real-life projects.

    If I talk to my friends who know programming, almost none of them talk about languages. They've all talked about projects they're working on.

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    learn woocommerce or shopify and start selling shopping cart to small business, there's so much money there with the corona stuff....
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    Focus on one side of the frame. Either front or back and then acquire skills related to that side. You dont have to buy a course, you just have to search out the best possible thing for yourself rigorously. It is even better if you know anyone in your circle with the skill. Also, I think you should join slack communities (free ones and not paid). The only thing you need is the will to learn.
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    It all depends on how deep you want to study the front-end.
    If your goal is to create a small site, you can study it yourself. It will be necessary to study such a stack of technologies. HTML. CSS, PHP and Java Script. This will be enough to start.
    If your goal is web interfaces, complex web applications, and work on large projects, then I advise you to take advantage of paid courses.
    You will need a deep study of such frameworks as React, Angular and Vue, they are the most popular. Good luck.
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    Web development refers to building, creating, and maintaining websites, which means it is the process of taking the designs and layouts created by web designers, then coding them into active, working websites. Coding is done by web developers.
    Web development has three general categories:

    • Front End Web Developers - A front end web developer use languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build the visible parts of websites that interact with the user.

    • Back End Web Developer - The user interacts directly with the front end of a website, whereas, the back end is hidden from the user. Back-end covers all the coding part and web developers make sure it runs smoothly.

    • Full Stack Web Developers - Full-stack developers are simply programmers who have experience with front end web development and back end development. They are hybrid of web designing and development.

    If you choose to start your career in any of the above categories the online web designing training courses will be a great step to kickstart. A certification of web designing online courses will give you an edge over other applicants in a job interview. This course will help you achieve your goal and get your dream job.
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    To be honest with you guys, anyone can start anywhere. There is no such thing as a pattern of studying web development. Maybe there are some and there are also strategy guides to become a fast and efficient web developer. Many would say you are on the wrong path because it didn't work for them but anything would totally work, it all just depends on the one who is trying to learn web development.

    Most people would start developing front-end. Many would suggest WordPress because its easy. And some would-start with the back-end because some think that studying the hard part is the best because they would understand the whole goddamn thing easily. Well just start anywhere you like. You can watch YouTube videos, if you are rich or you have spare money buy a course. Or maybe, download a book or buy a book and read it. If you have questions feel free to ask on forums (such as here) even if the questions are damn stupid. You will never learn if you do not ask questions. And lastly, don't forget to apply web development on real world applications.

    You can look for small work at classified sites such as Craigslist and offer them at a cheap rate to enhance and practice your skills. That's also a fun way to get a profile so you could sign up on other sites such as Fiverr, Frelancer, or maybe Upwork.

    To achieve perfection, you don't need to practice over and over, you just need perfect practice and proper time management.
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    hi dear plz dont waste your money.Youtube is a very big platform for Learning.if you want to learn any thing you search on youtube.and there are too much free courses available for different categories.
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    Khan Academy would be a good place to start with. Also, check udemy besides Khan Academy.
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    You can go for the online learning or use the Youtube to learn about the front and back end. All you need is to learn about the use and installation of the development softwares.
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    It bothers me people say you can learn this or that on youtube because there are some very bad vids on youtube that are out of date or biased in nature. There are also some very good vids on youtube.

    Why not post a link to the good vids, so people don't have to try and seperate the good from the bad?
    In the minute it took me to write this post.. someone died of Covid 19. RIP.
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    Here are some best sites for learning web development.

    - Coursera (Free)
    - Codecademy (Free and Paid Version)
    - W3Schools (Free)
    - HTMLDog (Free)
    - Traversy Media (Free)
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    I started with W3Schools and then used Codeacademy. You will learn the basics, but what really matters is the experience you gather by working with the basics you learn. You should also check StackOverflow, where you can learn more.
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    internet is the best source for learning web development. google is the best option to learn web-development ,Youtube is another best option for learning.i think you don't need to buy course.
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    My favorite is the codecademy and khan academy honestly. You can also get great knowledge from their website blogs.
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