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This is my first time using wordpress. I have a site that's not wordpress that I want to convert to a blog. I want it in my root directory (myfakeurl.com) instead of a subdirectory (myfakeurl.com/blog).
Two questions
1)Will my files be overwritten when I install wrodpress on the root directory. And if so when I reinstall the files will the site's design and formatting be the same or will I have to do make some adjustment to my code?

help please
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    It's best to make a backup of your root directory first, before installing Wordpress there.
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      If your existing files in the root directory are php files, then yes there is a chance that WP will over-wqrite them..

      If they are all HTML files then no, they will be quite safe, as all WP files are PHP files..

      But note: If you have a file called index.html (or index.htm) in your root directory and you install WP (or any other php app for that matter), you won't see your blog when you visit your site..

      This is because your web server will show the index.html file before displaying the index.php file (WP startup file).

      So rename your index.html file to something else, like orig-index.html and everything should display OK..

      The previous poster's suggestion is very valid..

      Make sure you backup, becuase sometimes things can go horribly wrong and then there is no going back..

      Hope this helps

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    Thanks n7, Bruce. I'll have to do this late at night just in case something unexpected happens. Next time I'll just install wordpress from the start.
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