The 3 things you MUST have to be successful in Email Marketing

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Please listen carefully, with an open mind.
The three things that you ABSOLUTELY NEED
to be massively successful in email marketing:
1) Trustworthiness
2) Value
3) A trusting buyer
So, ask yourself these questions and be honest.
Are you trustworthy?
Do you have something valuable to share?
And do you have a list of people who trust you?
If you understand this concept,
then you're already ahead.
What's interesting is that 5 years ago,
I left my (great paying) job in hopes to find
the best "get rich quick" program out there,
to do a "one hit wonder" and cash out.
5 years later, after immersing myself and
spending thousands of dollars in programs that
promised me "overnight success",
I realized that I needed to shift my philosophy.
Here's the thing though, I actually learned so much
in Online Marketing and how businesses work.
I now know how to build websites,
optimize them through SEO,
do Video Marketing and rank the videos,
create positive and valuable content on Social Media,
and connect with relevant audiences.
I know how to generate leads for local businesses
and confidently speak directly to business owners,
because I know exactly what they "need",
and more importantly, what they "want".
I now have something "valuable" to offer people.
I'm telling you this, not to pat myself on the back,
but with the intention of EMPOWERING YOU,
to let you know that NOTHING is stopping you
from also being great at something.
So where do you start? Great question.
Hindsight being 20/20: If I were to start over again,
I would focus 80% of my energy in....
to be successful. Nothing should be as important
as building your email list.
The size of your list, will translate to the size of your wallet.
If you don't believe me, ask all the gurus out there
how big their email list is.

Great luck to you!!
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