I'm in Kentucky and I Wasn't prepared for Ike's wrath. I embarrassed and need Help!

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Hi Warriors,
First things first. I'm not looking for hand outs so ease your minds and
please read the post below.


I did something yesterday that makes me feel really Good and at the Same
time it makes me feel very sick in my stomach.

I live in Louisville Kentucky and we here felt the power of Ike's wrath
yesterday as he crossed our Area. 70-75 mile an hour winds played havoc
on the area downing large trees, power lines removing roofs leaving over
300000 people (including myself) without power.

Admittedly, I for one was not prepared for Ike and now have a very large
tree(approx 3ft in diameter) from next door(my son's yard)laying on top of
my fence and above ground pool.

I live in a Neighborhood that consists mostly of elderly retired people.
Yesterday when Ike struck our area I decided to check on the surrounding
neighbors to make sure everyone was alright after seeing trees snapped in
half like twigs.

While checking on my neighbors I learned that 4 of my neighbors(on a
fixed income)required power to sustain their medical equipment. With out
thinking, I darted to the closest open store and purchased 4 gas powered
Generators. When I returned, I began helping others clean up the mess
that Ike had made.

That was the part that made me feel good. I figured my family and I would
be fine until the power came back on since we had food and in the past
power was normally restored with in 24 hours. Was I ever wrong.

Today The Louisville Gas and Electric company states that it may take
them 7-10 days to restore the power to our area.

I found out three things today that I didn't know yesterday!

  1. The power won't be back on for 7-10 days.
  2. While I was helping others, Food supplies were vanishing from nearly all the stores in the area.
    (Meanwhile the food in our refrigerator/freezer has now gone bad.)
  3. Gas supplies in the area are also becoming low and they expect the price per gallon to increase to over $5.00 a gallon by tonight : (

    These 3 things never dawned on me at the time since in the past our power has always been restored with in 24 hours.
Here is the part that makes me ill at the stomach, feel embarrassed and

In my helping out the neighbors I didn't check my finances and spent our
emergency money. Now I need a way to earn money so to Help my family
and my self.

So, I need to make extra Money and I need to make it ASAP.

I don't want Hand-Outs or freebies. I will work for it.
I just need to make the money really fast.

Does anyone need Help with anything? Graphics, a script installed on your
server, or help doing niche research or anything else. I'm totally at a loss
at the moment and I can only work during 09:00am till 3:00pm EST. as I
have no Internet connection at my home because of Ike.

Mainly I will be working for you online while I'm here at work.

So far 2008 has not been good to me with the loss of so many family
members including my Mother and now this. I think I'm starting to loose
faith and the weight on my shoulders right now is really feeling pretty darn

God Bless.
Have a Great Day!
#internet marketing #embarrassed #ike #kentucky #prepared #wrath
  • Profile picture of the author Peter Bestel
    Michael, one heck of a 2000th post.

    I'm not in a position to assist at the moment, but my thoughts are with you and your family.

    Take care

    • Profile picture of the author Michael Mayo
      Thanks Peter,

      I had been trying not to make my 2000th post for over a week, and had planned on giving Warriors something when I did make it. This wasn't what I had in mind. :-(

      Have a Great Day!

      Originally Posted by Peter Bestel View Post

      Michael, one heck of a 2000th post.

      I'm not in a position to assist at the moment, but my thoughts are with you and your family.

      Take care

  • Profile picture of the author Chris Lockwood
    Thanks for helping your neighbors- you may have helped save a life.

    I had no idea Ike affected KY.

    Power being out for a week or longer after a storm like that is quite common.
  • Profile picture of the author valerieSONORA
    I'm curious if you don't have power how are you online now?

    Good luck in getting back to normal. I am in Ky too though not near Louisville. It was really windy yesterday but my power was not affected.
    • Profile picture of the author Barbara Eyre
      Originally Posted by annoyedgirl View Post

      I'm curious if you don't have power how are you online now?
      As in his job location is not in an affected area! And he said he could only be online from 9am to 3pm while at work. :rolleyes:

      Michael, I sincerely wish I could help out. It kills me to see people go through that mess. I also wish I had work for you to do ... though, if would have just given you the money outright and to heck with the work.

      Hopefully some agencies, like the Red Cross, will be in your area quickly to help you all out.

      But Chris is right - you probably did save a life - or 4 by buying those generators for the medical equipment. You're an angel for doing that!

      My thoughts and prayers are with you and your neighborhood.
    • Profile picture of the author Bruce Wedding
      Originally Posted by annoyedgirl View Post

      I'm curious if you don't have power how are you online now?

      Good luck in getting back to normal. I am in Ky too though not near Louisville. It was really windy yesterday but my power was not affected.
      I'm in Houston. We had 80mph sustained winds at my home. Luckily, we were prepared and didn't have any damage. But, I still have no power.

      How am I online?

      My wonderful neighbor does have power via a generator. He has been kind enough to let me run 2 cords to my house. I have a fridge, a fan, a TV and internet via DSL and a laptop.

      Besides, even if I didn't have this, I could still post from my phone.

      Life sucks right now, but I don't need any assistance. I just need my freaking power back on.
  • Profile picture of the author JayXtreme
    "annoyed girl".. i think this below shows how..

    Originally Posted by Michael Mayo View Post

    Mainly I will be working for you online while I'm here at work.

    • Profile picture of the author valerieSONORA
      Originally Posted by JayXtreme View Post

      "annoyed girl".. i think this below shows how..


      Thanks for clearing it up, I missed that.
  • Profile picture of the author Estelle T. Dunomes

    Have you contacted the Red Cross? They're there to help right now. Also, have you served in the military? If so, they will also help right away.

    "Give and it shall be given unto you, good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over shall men given into your bosom for with what measure ye mete it shall be measured to you again."

    Michael, you can ask and it will be given to you as you have done. You know to whom you should make your request and the promise you have to which you can lay claim.

    Many, many blessings to you, your family and your neighbors.

    • Profile picture of the author Michael Mayo
      Wow! Bruce,

      You were near ground zero then. I'm glad you made it through it ok.
      Good luck with the power thing I can relate.

      Yes I was in the US Navy.

      The red cross is pretty busy helping others that need it more than myself.
      No one here is hurt thank God. I just messed up by not seeing how much
      havoc Ike could have caused and also not paying attension to my Money
      during that time. <--Just Stupid.

      Thanks for you Blessings!
      Have a Great Day!

      I need to leave here now and return home so I may/may not be able to
      get back online till in the morning so if anyone needs me for a Job, Please
      post it here or send me a PM and I will check them ASAP.
  • Profile picture of the author Estelle T. Dunomes
    I'd very much appreciate your not calling yourself stupid. Encourage yourself; you did good and now good is going to return to you. Your Navy family will come to your rescue; just ask.

    Jobs will come also; they're here and someone is going to give you something to do before you get back online tomorrow. It IS working out.

    So, no more calling yourself stupid or anything else negative. You've got positive work to do.

  • Profile picture of the author SusanUSA
    Originally Posted by Michael Mayo View Post

    Here is the part that makes me ill at the stomach, feel embarrassed and stupid.

    In my helping out the neighbors I didn't check my finances and spent our
    emergency money. Now I need a way to earn money so to Help my family
    and my self.
    Micheal, I think you are the kind of guy who, even if you knew there would be a shortage in your emergency money, would help elderly people who needed power for their oxygen. Can you imagine saying to yourself, "My family needs dinner so I'll let these folks go without their oxygen so my family can eat."

    My guess is that your family is in much better shape than those elderly people and you all will be fine. Especially since you planted seeds of goodness from your "widow's mite" account.

    Here is what I would do if I was in your spot with 2000 posts . . . put together a quick WSO giving away your best tips. You could write it quickly and even give promises for "Part II' or whatever in a week or 10 days. Sell it for $7 and in the sales letter explain to the warriors exactly what you are doing -- raising money to sustain your family while helping your elderly neighbors.

    You could easily sell 1000 reports in a quick period of time and it would be a win-win for you and for the warriors. I'm in . . . so that's your first $7. Just let me know if you write a report.

    Blessings to you, warrior friend.


    P.S. I live on a rural farm in Washington State and my waterpump went out over a week ago. I decided I had NOTHING to complain about when I compared my situation with the folks like you who are paying the price for Ike. It would be my honor to help you -- especially since the pump man finally was able to get here and get the water up and running again this morning.
    • Profile picture of the author ThomM
      Mike sorry to hear about that.
      I can't help you (I'm very sorry) but this may help your neighbors and you.
      If they need electricity for any type of life supporting equipment the power company will (at least here) provide them with an electric generator and keep it gassed up for them. If you all are having problems getting gas that may help them and free up a generator for yourself.
    • Profile picture of the author SandyDuPlessis

      I am so sorry to hear about the problems you are currently having. The help and support that you have given to many others (including me) will come back to you.

      Sending you an email

  • Profile picture of the author ecoverartist
    Hi Mike,

    I'm next door to you in West Virginia and we got hit by it yesterday as well. I'm surrounded by trees but thankfully they're the "still standing" kind.

    I can't think of anything I really need help with at the moment but I still want to help you if I can...

    Tell you what. I'll post a graphics WSO right now in the forum, and whatever I make from it I will send to you.

    Just one neighbor helping another!
  • Profile picture of the author uyanna
    Please stop being so hard on yourself.Some people are alive today because of your kindheartedness.So, if anybody is in a position to show you same, for goodness sakes don't say no.I just got here this month and I have observed that this is one good family.

    Thumbs up for the likes of SusanUSA and ecoverartist.
    Mike, help is definitely on the way.Hang in there with your family.
  • Profile picture of the author julclark
    I'm sorry to hear about your dilemma. I am one of the fortunate few in Louisville that kept power the whole time although the internet has been up and down. While I was complaining about all of the big limbs down in my yard, a neighbor reminded me that this was nothing compared to what the folks in Galveston and surrounding areas are going through. That put things more in perspective!

    I find it funny that the malls manage to be open, but good luck finding gas or milk. I hope your power gets back on soon!
    • Profile picture of the author Michael Chris

      (When you get back)...

      http://wsogold.com/ seems to have some interesting stuff.

      Does the money go direct to your PayPal account?

      Do you have a PayPal debit card?

      If the answer is yes to both those questions, then perhaps anyone who can only afford a small purchase can help out in that way.

  • Profile picture of the author Patrician
    Sounds like a harrowing experience. Glad it wasn't worse.

    I agree the WSO sounds like the fastest, least labor-intensive thing to do.

    I would donate a little money but you don't want that. How about a loan?

    The only work I have would involve editing articles, a long and tedious task and I can't afford much, but if you are interested, please PM me.

    God bless you and your family.

    • Profile picture of the author AgileHosting
      Michael, #1, you are not stupid. You are thoughtful and compassionate. Not everyone has that gift; obviously you do. It is a blessing, not a weakness.

      Now. Given that we thoughtful and compassionate types are prone to do this kind of thing... here's my 'been there/done that' list of suggestions:

      (1) You must ask for help. I'm sorry, I know those are not the words you want to read. I totally feel your pain there, OK? But money is not going to fall from the sky and fix this, so you must ask for help. There is nothing wrong with asking for help. The expenses you need help with (reimbursing you for the generators at the very least) are the kind of thing that you are supposed to get help with. This is not burdening anybody!!

      (2) Contact the Red Cross right away to get your purchases accounted-for. Maybe they can arrange the gas to keep the generators working.

      (3) Contact your county's Emergency Management right away. I mean, like, now, sort of right away. Those seniors should have been 911'ed to a hospital, or, Emergency Mgmt should have bought those generators. Contact them and explain the situation. It is very likely they can arrange reimbursement to you for this -- and maybe sooner rather than later.

      (4) When it comes time to put in for money from FEMA (assuming your county will be declared a disaster zone) include the generators and their cost along with ALL your real out-of-pocket costs that are allowed. Do not skimp or cut corners on this filing. Go for every dollar you can. The money is rightfully yours. Don't be all "oh, that small tree was no big deal" :-P

      Michael, these are the systems that have been set up to help people just like you when it all hits the fan. Nobody expects you to shoulder this alone. There are no gold stars for being a tough guy and fighting it out. What you did was an amazing thing, but those generators were supposed to be purchased by Emergency Mgmt, Red Cross, or some other disaster-assistance organization. That's why they're there. So make copies of your receipt and file that expense everywhere you can, asking for help with the cost. I think you will be amazed the number of people who will jump at the chance to get you paid back ASAP. That's why those people are there ... to help you.

      And keep up the awesome attitude. Your family and neighbors are blessed to have you in their lives!!

  • Profile picture of the author ileneg
    Anyone know if we have the ability to "send a beer" in this new forum?

    • Profile picture of the author dbarnum
      Bruce Wedding,

      With you in Ohio, dude Power is out in our state, too, for about a week. Fun!

      I'd sure help more of you, if I could, but we're helping in many ways here in the same manner you are in Kentucky: our generator has 4 lines: we use 1 and farm out 3 to other households to help them keep their frigs running and essentials. (Using Verizon broadband for the web - -heaven-sent service for sure!)

      Extra money and items going to help them, too -- gas $$ for generators, batteries, ice for freezers and those with no generators, etc.

      Plus lots of time & elbow grease being used to help with cleanup and storing food in our frig for others, etc.

      Plus we have offline companies here that have had to temporarily shut down due to no power = income loss there.

      To make it worse, our AEP Ohio division did not plan ahead at all and should have, as we have a history of power outages for every storm, even the smallest. Yet they sent our crews to Texas and left us stranded (thanks ) Then when you call to complain, they say, “Well AEP workers from Texas are coming to help,” but you have to catch them in this lie and reply, “Yes, but they are OUR OHIO AEP WORKERS - - duh!!!!!!!!!” then they shut up, and apologize.

      Needless to say, many in my own state are ticked. So do join us, Kentuckians! You are sure welcome in this aftermath struggle.

      Prayers and help we can supply is on the way! Good luck
  • Profile picture of the author dbarnum
  • Profile picture of the author ecoverartist
    If you'd like to help Mike out and want some GREAT looking graphics with private label and resale rights, check out the thread in my sig. 100% of the proceeds are going to help our fellow Warrior who selflessly gave his time and effort to help others.

    It's the Warrior Way!
  • Profile picture of the author Estelle T. Dunomes

    What a great list for Michael. I hope he is able to get back online soon. There is a wealth of information here for him and I am one who will also purchase that $7 WSO Susan spoke of just as soon as its up.

    Great thread, great guy and great people here.

    Many, many blessings to you all.

  • Profile picture of the author SandyDuPlessis

    here is the link to the WSO


    • Profile picture of the author Michael Chris
      Here is the Buy a Drink Link:

      Michael Mayo Buy a Drink Link

      However, Michael doesn't have a PayPal email address set up in his WarriorPlus account (if he has one), so it won't work until he does.

      Michael, there are some great suggestions above about trying to get reimbursement for those generators... or at the very least trying to get one for yourself.

      Just don't get too down on yourself, your family needs you to stay strong.

      There is nothing wrong with getting help when you really need it.

    • Profile picture of the author Michael Mayo
      Hi Warriors,

      Wow, I'm overwhelmed by all your replies!

      First, I want to Thank All of You for the support, knowledge and selfless
      offers to help my family in our time of need. God Bless You All!

      Secondly, I'm sorry for not posting or replying sooner today. I logged in
      early this morning and have been so busy here that I haven't had a
      chance to reply.

      Thirdly, I want you to know that my starting this thread was one of the
      hardest things I believe I have ever had to do in my life. It took me over
      30 minutes just build up the courage to press the submit button.

      Now for some Good News! ;-)

      Yesterday after I left Work and arrived home, I sat down with my grand
      daughter and asked her a simple question.

      -Side Note:
      Some times when my brain gets in the state of pause and I can't think
      straight, I talk with her just to clear my head and hear her simple points of
      view. Adults, including myself, tend to over complicate things so it's nice
      to here simple unbiased answer. Also it gives me the chance to tweak her
      thought process a little if it's needed ;-)

      She comes up with a few good ideals now and again. Here is an ideal she
      came up with last year and it nearly wore me out...lol
      The Warrior Forum - 7Year old Makes $766 in 11 Hours - Taking Action!

      -End of Side Note

      My Question to her was:
      If you absolutely had to make money to feed your family right now, What
      would you do?

      Her Reply:
      Papal, I would borrow your chain saw and go see if anyone need help
      cutting up trees!

      My Reply:
      So, You think it would be alright for someone to try and make a profit from
      someones misfortune in a crisis?

      Her Reply:
      No, That would be kinda of mean, but I would still help them if they need

      After that reply and I cleared the tears from my eyes, I picked her up and
      gave her the biggest Hug and Kiss I could muster up!

      Two minutes later my son's cell phone rang. (My son is a General Manager
      for a company here in Louisville.). On the phone was his District Manager
      asking him if he knew anyone that could remove downed trees from three
      of their stores lots?

      Son's reply:
      I might know someone. How many trees are we talking about and how
      much will you pay them to remove them?

      DM's Reply:
      There are seven trees down and I can pay them $250 per tree. They
      aren't very big trees. They are only about 10 feet tall but we need them
      removed from the lots ASAP . Do you think that would be a fair price?

      Son's Reply:
      Yes I do and I know someone who will do it.

      DM's Reply:
      Great, When do you think they could start?

      Son's Reply:
      As soon as you tell me which stores need the trees removed we'll be on it!

      DM's Reply:
      Lol...Who You?

      Son's Reply:
      Lol... Yes, my Father and I both have chain saws if thats alright with you?

      DM's Reply:
      Sure, Here are the stores...............
      Just take the Money out of the petty cash from your store and I'll
      reimburse you in the morning.

      Four and a half hours later when my son and I returned, We built a small
      fire in his fire thing-a-ma-bob my grand daughter sat in my lap and the
      whole family roasted marshmallows just talking about what ever subject
      that came up at the time.

      One subject that I rehashed was the question that I asked her earlier.
      I asked her the same question and then added, What if a business called
      you and asked you to cut up and remove a few trees from their parking
      lots, Would it be alright to make money that way?

      Her Reply: Yes, because they were willing to pay someone to do it. People
      around here shouldn't need to pay because that's what neighbors are for.

      Needless to say but, I gave her another big Kiss right on the cheek and
      told her how much I love her.

      I can't believe that I said I was loosing Faith in my original post? What
      was I thinking anyway?

      Warriors, Once again my Family and I want to Thank Everyone for their
      Kindness and Prayers.

      Now I must spend some time replying to all the PM's and emails I've
      received form Warriors.

      Before the end of today I will make an attempt to return any and all
      money that I have received from this thread. You can reuse it to Help
      someone else that may need it now.

      God Bless You All.
      Have a Great Day!

      PS, If you hired me to do a job for you and you still want me to do it then
      I will do it.

      If not then PM me and I will return your Money too.
    • Profile picture of the author byronwrites
      I like Susan's Idea; Put together a WSO special report.

      I'm in Owensboro, and fortuanately my power is back on. I now I've a house full of in-laws and a couple extra pets. While waiting for ours to come back on, we cycled generators house to house to keep freezers/refers cold, those generators are now loaned out to other neighborhoods (I have no idea where mine is, but my name is on it and it always makes its way back).

      Anyway, Do the WSO.

      Oh, and kindness is always returned.


      Good news on the Tree Removal Job...See ALWAYS returned.
  • Profile picture of the author SusanUSA
    Micheal, I love this thread. So many life lessons . . . and a powerful lesson from your family about sowing and reaping . . . and asking and receiving!

    God bless you and your loved ones.

    Shalom (nothing missing, nothing broken)
  • Profile picture of the author Kate Carpenter
    Wow! What a great thread...and a wonderful solution! One never knows what will be placed in our path.
    Having experienced several days without power last January, after a horrific wind & rain storm, I can relate to you. Fortunately, it was winter, no snow, but things in the freezer didn't get completely ruined and we only heat with wood anyway, so that was OK. Oh, and because it was raining, all I needed to do for water was go out on the back porch and get it from the multiple buckets I set up! But it still wasn't fun...dark at 5pm-7am. Read by flashlight and slept too much!
    The power company told us, too, it would be 7 days, but I think they tell you more, hope for less, then look like heroes! So, hopefully that will be the case for you and you will have power sooner rather than later. Hang in there!
    And, you are a great guy...there should be more like you!
    PS-Now I know why my ebay buyer from Bowling Green hasn't paid yet!
  • Profile picture of the author Estelle T. Dunomes
    Amazing Grace, How Sweet It Sounds.

    What an amazing odyssey Michael. The good you did came back almost more quickly than it seems you ever thought possible. And, in the amount you needed using the immediate tools you had available.


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