[PLEASE SHARE] How's Your WSO Campaign Performance?

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Hi Folks,
I was thinking of making a WSO for my service, perhaps in the upcoming month.
However, I would like to hear some of your experience (who had a WSO) about how good does WSO Performance? I mean, does it REALLY works? Do you really get plenty of sales from your WSO?

This has come to my tought, because I see LOTS of threads of old threads on WSO that do NOT have any replies at all!
There is this one WSO, dated 5 days ago, with NO replies, and only 39 VIEWS?
I definitely don't want my WSO to ends up like that, considering that I'm gonna be spending some money for posting in WSO.

So, please share your experience about your WSO offer, will ya?

Oki Trice
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    Hi Oki.

    I've had WSOs that have made $800 in 24 hours, I've had WSOs that I've gained life-long clients from. But then again, I've had WSOs that have completely bombed. If you make your offer appealing, it will more than likely recoup the $20 posting fee.

    It works.
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      Hi Karl,

      thanks for the genuine opinion, really appriciate it.

      PS: will send you PM in a moment.

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      I don't think the views work properly. So don't rely on that too much.

      I had a WSO on the old forum for 1 day.

      With no replies.

      I made almost $200 in a matter of hours.

      WSO's are very powerful.
      < (Guess What This Does.)
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      I had one WSO that made me over $4,000.

      I had another one that made me about $170.

      It all depends on how good your offer is and if it's something that people

      It's really no different from regular marketing outside of the forum except at
      least here you've got a pretty well targeted audience, especially if you're
      providing products and services that marketers are specifically looking for.

      From my experience, the best offers seem to be:

      Products on how to make money
      Graphics packages
      Mini sites

      From the feedback I've gotten, article packs don't do as well as they used
      to, which is why I rarely make one available.

      There's no one size fits all. You'll have to do some testing to see what
      works for you.
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    Hey Oki,

    A couple ideas..

    -You should never judge the performance of a WSO by the views/replies. My WSOs have done well enough, but I've had only a couple replies in total.
    -You need to set up a way to get your WSO buyers on a list of yours & update them every time you have a new promotion/product. People buying WSOs will generally continue to do so, and if they've already bought from you, selling to them is even easier.
    -Figure out a way to make one WSO appeal to different price points. You already offer many different packages at different prices on your site, so be sure to mention that in your WSO.
  • Profile picture of the author Kyle Tully
    I've only done 2 WSO's and did about $6k between them.

    My tip: Spend a little time at Warriorplus.com and do some research. Find out which WSO's seemed to go well... what was the offer? Price? Guarantee? Copy? Subject line?

    Like nearly everything in Internet marketing there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Do a little research and there's a really good chance you'll do just fine.

    Or if you're a cowboy marketer who thinks research if for sissy girls, then just pony up the $20 and see what happens. I mean, if you're really worried about spending $20 in your business...
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      Ive got a bit of experience here

      1. first its about your title, unless you have a Compelling Title. Your going to do it tough.

      Research the popular WSO's on warrior plus and get an Idea of their titles..

      2. You need testimonials from other warriors.
      Offer your wso for free to successful warriors in exchange for an honest testimonial before releasing it. and list these testimonials. on your wso page.

      3. start off small. build your wso list over time = success..
      Thats how I got to have the 8 out of 50 most popular WSO's of all time
      as seen here WarriorPlus


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    A few years ago pretty well anything you threw at the WSO forum would make a nice chunk of change. Now it's different. You have to put a lot more time and effort into it to get the same results.

    I used to complain about it, but then I smartened up and realized that you just have to make better offers ;-)

    Since then, my WSO's do well but the money is not the biggest benefit. If you believe that, you're missing out on a whole lot of testing that could be far more valuable to you in your marketing efforts outside the forum.

    Use the WSO forum as a test bed for offers and new products. Use it as a place to build your customer list and network to get affiliates. Show what you're made of.

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      Just posted my first, how long are they valid?

      I've got a deadline on the number of sales.
  • Profile picture of the author mrmcd
    Mine just made a sale, and it was for $97, so that's a good sign
    (it's my first)

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