How Can I make $100 Today?

Profile picture of the author Freelancing10 by Freelancing10 Posted: 04/12/2012
I know this might seem like a weird question. But I really need $100 today. I am willing to do anything.

What would you do if you had to make $100 today if you had no money?
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    Pawn shop...
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    You seem to be a writer.
    So, Offer an insane deal for $50 they can get 10x800 word articles.
    Make them say YES! I want.
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    If you need money today go and hit up every house you can find and try mowing their lawn, washing their car, etc.

    Then if you still don't have it go and sell roses on the corner.

    If that STILL doesn't do it for you then go and offer to deliver food to people coming out of bars/clubs.

    That should get you the cash but you have to hustle to do it. No laziness allowed!!
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    Ashley C
    Keep in mind that even if you make $100 online today, it's going to take a few days for it to get from your PayPal to your bank account.

    If you need $100 in your pocket TODAY, go knocking on doors offering to mow lawns

    You appear to have a thread for your writing service. If you beef it up a bit by providing more samples and adding testimonials, you can simply spend your time posting in threads in order to get your sig advertised as much as possible.
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    Outside of article writing or designing someone a website where they pay you immediately, I'm afraid it's going to be rather difficult.
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    Cats. Everyone loves cats! Become a cat herder.
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    Start yesterday! While instantaneous sounds great, it is easier to plan for tomorrows emergency today.

    Now onto today's fire. Check your email. I am constantly amazed at how languished deals can be revived with a call.

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    Randall Magwood
    Sell that flatscreen and xbox/ps3/wii on ebay. Hope you got a paypal debit card to use the funds immediately.
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    Offer to help old ladies cross the street. Get them halfway across and demand $10 to get them on over .. repeat ten times.
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    Joseph Robinson
    Originally Posted by tylerherman View Post
    Cats. Everyone loves cats! Become a cat herder.
    Go back to Reddit ! This here is a dog forum.

    Seriously though. What to do if you're desperate is the thread for you. Link is right up there...
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    i think the better idea is to go everyone home and do some types of work such as washing cars ,watering garden etc.which gives you payment instantly.
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    Some hilarious replies here no doubt - the main point everyone is trying to drive home here my friend is that had you at least done some groundswork earlier, then the $100 day would have been much more possible

    Work hard and do not get desperate or obsessed with income. Your work will certainly fetch you fruits.
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    Sell stuff?

    Clothes, movies, video games, siblings, ebooks, siblings...
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    I have been working from home for 4 years now.
    It is normal for me to wake up with $100 in my inbox, but it did not happen overnight by any stretch of the imagination.

    Very often when working "on the net", or "making it happen for yourself" you get paid on the back end. Yes i may wake up with $100 in my account without lifting a assured...... That money I made today was because of many hours on end I put in with out pay last year, or the year before that.

    I have hundreds of hours invested in many things before they turn profit, and many hundreds of hours invested in projects that I finally realized were bad ideas.

    #1.)Expect yourself to want the same thing ("$100 per day") this time next year, and the year after that. Have a long term vision and know it will take time to build it up. Eventually you will be there.

    #2.) Expect to execute 10 bad ideas for every 1 good idea. Over time this ratio will change in your favor.

    #3.) Hope high and expect low. Managing expectation's is a key factor. Hope for each idea to make you tons of money. But if it only make you an extra $100 per month be satisfied. The ideas will compound and build on top of each other.

    #4.) Expect a combination of 3-6 of your "kinda good ideas" to combine together to make that $100 per day.

    After you have been making hundreds of dollars per day, for a while, you CAN expect one good idea to make you hundreds per day.

    But if today you are making nothing, expect that by the time you get to making $100 per day it will surly be due to many "kinda good ideas" adding together to make that $100

    #6.) Understand its a snowball type of thing. Once you can stand up and say "I know how to make money from nothing" and really be telling the truth, more people will actually listen to you.

    #7.) Never give up. Just keep doing it.

    #8.) Document you going from nothing to $100 per day. Write about it, make videos about it. You don't have to make it public, just keep it to yourself. Once you get to the point where you are making $100 per day your life documentary will be a product in itself. "HOW YOU WENT FROM $0 TO $100 PER DAY" - If documented properly your live will become your next product.

    keep you chin up and keep moving forward.
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    Craigslist... Sell whatever you need until you reach your goal.
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    Sell something on eBay or Craiglist or visit your local pawnshop. That is the quickest way that I know how. If you can write well and you can find the clients, many clients will pay you as soon as you turn the articles in.
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    Trevor M
    Even if you do something online you may not receive your money on the same day.

    Your best bet is to get out in the community.

    Offer to do chores for others - Like washing their pets or car.
    Or sell something at a pawn shop.

    - Trevor
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    I agree about the writing.

    Last time I was in a bind and needed $200 ASAP, I offered some writing packages. Offer to do 10 articles for 75% of your normal price or offer some 3000 word reports with a nice discount. Sure, it will be work, but you can get some money up front to make ends meet.

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