Is it really that easy?

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Now hold on... Don't jump on me just yet. I've been doing this for years, but I had a question that makes this seem too easy.

I finally decided that I need to build a list, and I built a decent squeeze page and finally paid for some traffic to start building the list.

I don't have much, but I have a question for when I do. Do I really just have to send out emails with say a free ebook but a chance to upgrade or some other promotion, and I just watch the money roll in? Is it really that easy? Don't get me wrong, building a list is very very hard and can cost a lot, but when it's done, is that it or am I missing something?

Thanks for any answers.
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    It takes time to build a list. However, as long as you are persistent and you promote yourself using a variety of methods and have an easily accessible "Subscribe" page.
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    Well most newbies complicate the process because they get too stuck in the technical aspect of things & find it hard to believe that it can actually be easy...Here is the formula which always works with email marketing -

    Step 1- Give a lot of value for free upfront in exchange for an email.

    Step 2- Send out more value every 2 days.

    Step 3- When you feel the list trusts you enough & looks at you as an authority figure, recommend them a product. That's it.

    Advanced tactic - If you want to really see quick sales then try this - Offer something even more valuable than the product as an incentive to your list if they purchase the product. For example - Offer them one on one email consultation for a couple of days, a special report that you wrote etc provided they purchase the product.

    It's basic math - If you tried to sell me a gym membership I might not be that interested but if you also offered 1 month free one on one help by a top notch personal trainer along with it, then my interest will shoot up.

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    If you put in the effort then yes is the answer.
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    Also - don't forget that on the other side of that computer reading your emails are people, just like you and me. Try to be as authentic and real as possible. Share a bit of your personality with them. Build that relationship. It will make all the difference in the world.

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    If done right, the money is definitely in the list. Don't promote crap (like many people do). Don't promote the same thing a million other marketers are promoting (unless it's REALLy.. THAT awesome). 2 Good tips for keeping subscribers right there. Oh and don't ALWAYS sell, share anything free and helpful that you think your readers might appreciate.
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    Yes it's a simple formula. Offer them free content that you can confidently say ''I could charge for this'' so you know your giving them genuine value. Be a memorable character as well.
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    Do I buy anything in IM without some trust? Only if I am desperate.

    As long as you put your personal gains before providing the prospect with the value they deserve, you put your personal gains second, if that makes sense to you.

    Just built that relationship at all costs. Yes have your firm financial target in place but you cannot make a tenth of that target without rapport.
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    Once you send the email you're going to want people to open it so you need to work on creating good subject headlines. Then you need to make sure you stay in touch with people enough so they know who you are and then provide quality content that will build their trust in you. Offering them rubbish products will only cause them to dislike you, so make sure you don't spam them with low quality affiliate links.

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      A lot of what I would have said has already been stated!
      And I agree!

      Though a word of advice, make sure that the offers and free stuff (of course of value) is something specific to the niche that this list have been build upon!

      Here is the reason why!

      1/ If you don't do that then you're actually doing something which is illegal - well at least if you compare it to the ANTI SPAM LAW! - Unsolicited Mails that is!

      2/ If you disregard the first note, then you're actually potentially gonna lose the subscriber, because they can unsubscribe at any time! And they won't hesitate if you send out stuff they haven't asked for - such as something that definately is outside the niche they subscribed to!

      Sometimes it can be clever to get som PLR or to outsource something which is within your niche! Instead of making it yourself!

      Just my two cents, I hope you can use it!

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    Yes, simply put it is that easy, but the process of getting there via some of the things the ^^^ posters have mentioned takes time.

    I think the 'easy' part about email marketing and the reason list building is hyped is that the conversions are there pretty consistently unless you are a total retard. Meaning, with email marketing - especially in IM - you can expect conversions of at least 1-3% (that is low) from your list when you promote products (assuming you have groomed and qualified your list properly). Whereas, with things like website affiliate marketing, CPA, and other sources of online income, the theory is that you can make 1-3% conversions, but there are more variable involved that do not involve you - like Google.

    Additionally, it may take more time to tweak and perfect a site or methods conversions than it does with email marketing.

    That said, it is still work and those that really perfect it by testing and refining have done A LOT of work to get there (or have jumped on others shoulders who have done the work).

    Email marketing via list building is in my top two recommended methods for anyone wanting to make solid progress in IM with a relatively short learning curve and consequent results.

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