eLeavers for Clickbank.

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I recently registered my domain, slapped together a simple template, threw a few Clickbank niches on there.

Then proceeded to fund an eLeavers account, getting a fair few page impressions, 1.09% CTR.

No sales yet - but that's to be expected with only 15 clicks off two campaigns.

Just wondering if anyone has had any luck using this method? I've seen mixed reviews on eLeavers, scarily, more bad than good.

I'll update if I get any sales, haven't set my hopes too high, thinking AdSense or AdBrite might be the way to go?

But yeah, any success stories, I'd love to hear them!

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    I havent used eleavers before but I suspect you find difficulty getting their traffic to convert with any sort of decent ROI on a clickbank product. I'll be extremely interested to see your results.

    You might also consider using it for some CPA zip/email easy submit campaigns.

    Anyway, good luck!
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      Yeah, I've read a fair few stories on people using eleavers for building lists with splash pages, I guess the problem with CB is everyone spams the links all over the internet, It's hard to find an audience that hasn't seen it, especially one targeted to looking to make some cash online.

      Cheers for the input and luck wishes!
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    Another Noob spamming the Biz Op scene???

    Don't mean to be rude but why not go create a real business instead of the constant bombardment of "how to make money online" when you don't know yourself how to make money online!

    Its a vicious circle that helps no one!

    You would get better results creating a forum to do with origami or playing board games!

    Seriously there are easier micro niches to go straight into and build a business one step at a time.

    I currently have a website just for my own home county that allows people to sell their car for free and the dealerships in the area pay to advertise big bucks on there.

    Its free so people have no concerns or suspicions about signing up and posting an ad and the big dealerships in the area want to get seen.

    I would rethink how you look at the internet to make a living as going into a market with desperate buyers isn't always the best option.
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      Cheers for the input, but not everyone becomes "pro" instantly, I'm going to continue my attempts to make this work and learn, but will definitely keep your suggestions in mind.

      Congratulations on the successful website, I do have multiple websites that cater to particular needs, learning the so called "tricks of the trade" for making money selling niches is a particular interest of mine.

      I appreciate the feedback!
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